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Today I want to talk about trends. As you know, we sometimes use Google, keywords everywhere, the search bar, Google Trends, etc. to look at trends. But another tool that I love for looking at trends is Treendley. Click on it and it will lead you to my referral link, which will get you as well as me free stuff. Isn’t that great?

So I want to walk you through what Trinley is all about and what to expect. If you go to Treendly.com/trends/free and you will see that there’s a lot of trends that are up and coming. Products are divided according to categories, for example, there’s the beauty category, the clothing category, kitchenware, etc. And within these categories, you can see what the trend looks like over the entire timeframe that the product has been tracked. Take hyaluronic acid for example, it is a beauty product that has sustained a growth trend. I’ve been using this product lately and I love it so I’ve been buying more of it. The point I’m trying to make here is, for every product section, there is a location of the trend. So, hyaluronic acid has 9900 searches per month and the trend continues to grow.

If you click on any one of these trends, it will redirect you and open in a new window, which allows you to study that trend further. Before I click on that, let’s go over some of the trending products. As you can see, there’s a black hair dye, mules which are shoes, LED lamps, mom jeans, there’s a peak right now in mom jeans, so if you’re dropshipping, that would be something to pay attention to. Then there’s Black Dresser, which is a Canadian electronic band, Ashley furniture, wine fridge, and ear wax 33k searches per month.

If you want to learn about more trends, you can upgrade your account, or you can create a free account and subscribe to their newsletter every month so that you’ll be able to see the different information about various trends.

As you can see there’s a lot of rising trends and then you can use the techniques that you learn in our product research boot camp, and our masterclasses to break down that trend and find a differentiation that’s going to matter to your customer. This way, you will be one of the first people to market on top of a trend, but at the same time, releasing something that people are really looking for. So this is one way to look at this.

The next thing is you can do your own search for trends by clicking on “Search”.I did a search for religious gifts as this was a trend we were looking at in the product research Bootcamp, and the results are something to ponder over. It’s interesting that over five years, the trend is declining. But in the last 12 months, the trend is growing. Month over month there’s a change of 0.13%. So we can see, there is some kind of peaks and valleys.

However, what is more exciting about this is that you can change the country, you can check on SEMrush, or you can Google it. You can look at related searches, look up the top Google queries. You can either look this up on Treendly or Google Trends to see what people are looking for from stores near them. Are they looking for gifts for him, for her, Mother’s Day gifts? This helps you break down the trend into those niches.

Top Amazon queries revealed that Religious gifts for women have a high trend right now. And you can click here to search on Amazon. You can either click here to search on Amazon, or you can click on Treendley to specifically search this trend.

Top YouTube queries show searched like “religious gifts for a teenage girl”, which is also interesting. Looking at the latest forum discussions will help you discover how much people are talking about this/these particular trend(s) online.

From there you can look at some of these conversations, check out discussion boards and you will learn about things that you didn’t even know existed like new sites, power of prayer boards, you discover things you never even knew people discussed. So you can look at the latest forum discussions, you can also check out seasonal trends, growing industries, and so on.

And one last thing I would like to show you, Treendly also has a newsletter that you can subscribe to. I believe it is every 2 if not every week in your inbox, you will receive the latest trends for free. Then you can just quickly look over them. I love getting them in my inbox every month.

And one more thing, they also have a really cool course, if you click on the course, they have a free trendspotting course, where they teach you how to use Google to spot trends. And then the next lesson is specifically on Google Trends. The third lesson is how to piggyback on trends before everyone else.

So definitely check out this free course on how to use Google Trends better and how to spot trends. In conclusion, I would just like to remind you and encourage you to try out Treendly because it’s an amazing tool.

Again, here’s the link, and I hope this is helpful. Thanks so much.

See you next week and don’t forget to engage, feel free to ask me any question!

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