Welcome! Let’s Get Set Up

Hello and welcome to the Listing Optimization Masterclass

Let’s get set up!!


1. To access the course on our website, first login:


Then choose the class from the login drop down click the button below:

Choose Class


2. Navigate through the course by clicking on any of the topics below. It is recommended that you take the course in order of the numbered lessons as the content builds on the last topic as it goes. If you’d like a review of the whole process, visit lesson 9. Putting it all together. If you’d like to take part in the class discussion or Q&A forum, visit lesson 10. Final review and Q&A


3. Join Our Class Group Discussion Forum:  Finally, if you’d like to ask questions as you move through the course, you can ask questions in the discussion forum and interact with other students or me at any time. I’ll also be posting course updates or announcements in the general topic. 


You can also navigate to lesson 10 and participate in the forum anytime from there or ask a question in any of the course question forms in each lesson along the way.


Finally, join our Facebook group to engage with the community!


Return to this post anytime for a quick reminder of any of these links.

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