Not everyone’s a fan of AI writing tools.

Especially not live, breathing, human writers. Perhaps some of us feel threatened about being replaced by machines?

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the human mind’s capability of adapting and evolving has not reached its limit yet. Honestly? We don’t think it ever will. Our forever-evolving mental abilities are impossible to be duplicated by any artificial intelligence. AI tools are not designed to replace humans. They can never. So, stop with all the dystopian movie references and calm down for just a second.

AI is designed to help us maximize our human abilities. And we’re glad they’re here. In fact, we’re here to tell you about this one particular AI copywriting tool that will make other AI tools oooh and aah in amazement.

Have you heard of Power Listing? If you haven’t – Power Listing is an AI copywriting tool developed by Merchant Words – especially designed to write copy for Amazon listings, i.e. title, bullets, and product description. If you didn’t already know, writing an Amazon listing is a long and arduous process – a copywriter starts from competitive research, then keywords, then they compute for relevancy, and only then can they go into actually writing the thing. Are you still with us or have you run out of breath?

So – what’s so special about Power Listing? Well, Power Listing’s AI copywriting tool promises to cut down an hours-long keyword research and copywriting process into 5 minutes – perhaps even less! How does it do that? First, by automatically generating keywords based on your or your competitor’s ASIN. Then, by inserting them in automatically-generated listing copy according to their relevance to your product. No way, you say? We, too, didn’t believe it at first. So we had to see for ourselves.

Check out Power Listing reps Tommy Berenger and Mark Liu with our resident listing guru Amy Wees in today’s featured video. Watch the jaw-dropping demo below:


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