We’re a bunch of copywriting and listing optimization nerds at Amazing At Home. We offer several listing optimization-related services on our menu. One is a FREE listing review of your existing listing. Once we receive your review request, our CEO Amy Wees will comb through every bit of detail of your listing. She will reply to you with a video explaining which part of your listing is awesome, which ones are not so awesome, and why they need improvement. 

The second is our listing optimization service. This is where our copywriting team writes your listing. We follow proven conversion-boosting formulas – one of which we will discuss in today’s blog.

 The third is a listing optimization masterclass. This is where participants learn how to set up product listings that deliver great results. Below is a short preview of the course. In this video, Amy shares a tried and tested formula used in our listing optimization service. Watch and learn:

What is The Purpose of Listing Optimization?

We’re sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of the wonders of listing optimization in boosting your business’s performance. And we’re also sure that the question bugging you now is – how does it do that?
So – in a nutshell, listing optimization can:
  • Improve your ranking in search results at Google, Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms
  • Increase your click-through rate (CTR) with an attention-grabbing main image and listing title
  • Boost your conversion rate with images and copywriting that pinpoints your customer’s needs
  • Cut down negative reviews and decrease your bounce rate by managing buyer’s expectations

Introducing: The Problem-Solution-Life Now Listing Optimization Formula

The step after knowledge is action – now it’s time to get started with your listing optimization. One proven formula that we use is Problem-Solution-Life Now. Let’s go through each step of this formula in detail:
  • Problem – What is the customer’s problem specific to your product? 
  • Solution – How exactly does your product solve the customer’s problem?
  • Life Now – What will your customer’s life look like after using your product?

This is a formula that you can apply to all the elements in your product listing. From your bullets and product description to your gallery images and infographics, down to your a+ content. Why do we swear by this formula? Because one powerful technique to grab your customer’s attention is putting their pain point front and center. Reserve your first listing bullet and gallery image #2 (remember, we can’t include graphics and texts in the main image) for your customer’s pain point. Get their attention right away by shining the spotlight on their problem. 

Once you’ve hit your customer’s pain point – then it’s time to refocus the spotlight on the solutionyour product. This is your chance to highlight what your product does to solve your customer’s problem. What specific features does your product have and how does it work? Focus on the benefit first and support the benefit with features. Features increase your product’s credibility and earn your customer’s trust. Help them believe that your product will do what it needs to do to ease their pain.

Finally, you need to connect with your customer’s innermost desires in relation to your product. What will their life look like after using your product? Paint them a picture – make the customer the hero, while your product is the supporting actor in their life story. 

The most important thing to remember is to know your customer like your life depended on it. Various tools are more accessible now – some free, some paid – to help you study your customer’s pain points and decision-making process. There’s no excuse for you to not know who your customer is inside and out. 

Do you want to master listing optimization? Sign up for our listing optimization masterclass and learn trade secrets from the best conversion experts in the business. 

Or you can also browse our listing optimization menu to shop for the service you need. Get in touch. We’re here to help. 



Amy Wees: An easy formula is I think this comes from Donald Miller. I don’t know I’ve been using this formula forever, but it’s Problem-Solution-Life Now. That’s the formula.

But if you follow that journey, and that’s the first thing you do, when you’re looking at what a customer is thinking about, not only are you going to discover better ways to develop your products, and better ways to appeal to the customer, but you’re actually going to want it, you’re going to know why they buy this product, you’re going to know how to sell it to them.

So that’s your first bullet point. And that’s your second photo. And the easy formula is I think this comes from Donald Miller, I don’t know I’ve been using this formula forever, but it’s problem solution life now. That’s the formula problem. What is the customer’s problem specific to your product? What is your unique solution? How is it especially for them? Dan Martell, he’s an incredible, an incredible SAAS mentor. And he’s got an amazing mastermind. And I got to go through that mastermind. And he says, you know, the number one thing that people are looking for when they visit a web page is – “Is this for me?” You have to answer that question. That’s the first question you must answer. And it needs to be specifically for them. How was it specifically for them?

So that’s your solution, right? And even if you’re selling the same boring product as everybody else, if you tell them about how it’s for them, you’re going to do better period, dot end of story. And then what does their life look like now. So if you’re looking for a really great way to design your EBC, that’s a really great way you can actually start with what their life looks like now. My thirst is quenched. Right? And hey, are you looking for a cup that has this, this and this, have we got the solution for you, we’ve designed this just for you. Right?

That’s the thing, tell them what they want to hear. So show them what they want to see. Right? But know that from the beginning, so that if I could say nothing else during our time together today, that is the one thing most people are getting wrong. And they’re not showing that in their listing. And especially if they’re selling kind of an off the shelf product that they haven’t differentiated much, they’re not doing a better job than their competitors of showing how it’s just for that customer.

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