If you have seen our webinar, you’ve been following our blogs, or you’ve subscribed to our mailing list – you might have already encountered the names Amy WeesNorm Farrar, and Tim Jordan.

If you didn’t already know – Amy, Norm, and Tim are the brains behind this entire operation. They are three well-known and respected personalities in the U.S. Amazon seller communities who have studied the potential in Mexico as a major sourcing location – and henceforth put their heads together to spearhead the first major initiative in developing Mexico’s sourcing industry… aka The Mexico Trip.

Let’s get to know The Mexico Trio a little better – starting with Amy Wees:

Amy Wees of Amazing At Home and The Mexico Trip

Amy Wees

Amy Wees is a top-rated eCommerce guru and consultant – the CEO/founder of Amazing At Home – where she and her team of experts help private label brands optimize their presence on Amazon and beyond. 

Amy is a private label brand owner herself – she is the inventor of the SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner – a pet supplies product that she sourced herself by going on a trip to China. In China, Amy was able to establish partnerships and negotiate with Chinese manufacturers – which led her to find an injection molding supplier that allowed her to cut down her cost exponentially, consequently letting her earn more because of bigger margins. Since then, Amy has helped organize several sourcing trips to China and is now looking at Mexico as another viable sourcing option – especially after learning that Mexican suppliers have been looking for ways to export their local products to international marketplaces. After learning all this, Amy has been more adamant in promoting Mexico’s potential as the next major global sourcing destination – and came to collaborate with Norm and Tim.

Norm Farrar in The Mexico Trip

Norm Farrar

Norman “The Beard Guy” Farrar is a renowned industry influencer with over 25 years of combined experience in product development, branding, and sourcing. He has established several companies that revolve around the world of eCommerce – including Honu, a global sourcing company – plus some factories in China and Taiwan. Through his many years of exposure in various sourcing and supply chain processes – Norm has come to learn that the real secret to success of an Amazon entrepreneur starts from the quality of his sourcing. 

Norm is also the host of Amazon & eCommerce podcast Lunch with Norm and is the co-owner of Private Label Legion.


Tim Jordan of The Mexico Trip

Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan is a serial entrepreneur who in 2016 set up his own sourcing company in Guatemala. Tim and his company handled the manufacturing and distribution of local artisanal products – eventually growing to scale, supplying for various other brands in the eCommerce space. Through this experience, Tim has grown to love the challenge of diversifying supply chain resources whilst empowering suppliers from developing nations all over the world. Tim is also a well-known expert in the Amazon seller communities and joins Norm as the co-owner of Private Label Legion.


So – there you have it: Amy, Norm, and Tim – our leaders in The Mexico Trip – have gotten out of their way to put this massive thing together because they believe so much in the future of sourcing in Mexico. They are joined by a team of experts both from the US and Mexico in inviting you to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could be the answer to your success in the eCommerce business.

Aren’t you excited? Tell us what you think in the comments below or reach out to us at info@themexicotrip.com.

See you real soon!

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