There are some serious private label pain points. Does any of this sound familiar?

Finding a Winning Product – This is by far the number one struggle of any private label brand. There are tons of software tools and everyone is using the same search filters. By the time you get to market you’re drowning in competitors and in a race to the bottom for price.

Knowing Your Product Choice is The Right Choice – So you think you’ve found the right product, but you aren’t sure. And you’re nervous that a competitor will beat you to the marketplace, your supplier will steal your idea, or that no one will buy it.

Sourcing a Winning Product – The endless sea of suppliers. Who is on the other end of the email? Are you even talking to a factory? Why don’t they answer your emails? How can you be sure they won’t sell your designs to your competitors or worse, sell them under your own brand name! Paying crazy prices for samples and waiting forever just to get them in the mail.

Designing Packaging – Time to design packaging. What’s a product insert and how do I create a follow up sequence to retarget my customers? How should your product be branded and packaged? What kind of packaging does it need for retailers and online stores? What kind of barcode does it need? How do you get a barcode? WHY ARE THERE 10 DIFFERENT KINDS OF BARCODES? Seriously, this is ridiculous!

Inspecting and Importing – Ok, congratulations, you made it this far, are you frustrated yet? How do you ensure the supplier is sending the quality product you agreed upon? How do you calculate customs costs and ensure your product gets to it’s destination? Where do you store such a large order? What if it gets stuck at customs? What goes on the cartons? How long does it take? Should I send it air or freight? What are all these extra fees? How can this possibly be profitable? WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THIS STUFF?

Product Launching – Whew, we made it. We don’t have much margin left after all the shipping headaches and I don’t even know if the price I got from my supplier was a good price. Since I started this process 10 more competitors have launched at half the price I planned on. HOW CAN I AFFORD THIS? HOW DO I LAUNCH THIS THING? WHY CAN’T I FIND MY PRODUCT LISTING ON AMAZON?

Advertising – OK, my product has been on Amazon for weeks and I’ve barely made any sales,  my pay-per-click advertising is costing me hundreds of dollars per day and I have no idea how to interpret these reports. Sales haven’t picked up and I have no margin left. Time to get help. Maybe I can find a course or someone to manage my advertising campaigns? There’s one competitor that is selling well. What are they doing and why can’t I do it? If I could just get this product selling I might at least be able to break even…  Maybe this business isn’t for me. Time to find a way to liquidate and try to make my money back at my job. AT LEAST I TRIED.

We haven’t even mentioned product certifications and restricted categories, intellectual property and trademarks, social media and external advertising, or any of the other things people don’t tell you until you’re out of money.


Hello, I’m Amy Wees. I’m an inventor and entrepreneur who was fed up with the “secret formulas” that didn’t work. So I decided to use my life experience, my education, and my attitude to figure it out!

When I was working my full time job and trying to get help bringing my invention to the market, I had so many design firms and invent help type places tell me they could help me for $30,000 but I didn’t have $30,000 so I figured there had to be another way.  I wrote a business plan, studied my market, and met with mentors at my local business associations. I started cold calling manufacturers here in the US and asking questions, trying to figure out how to make this happen. I built a brand and launched a full line of products on Amazon and my website while I was waiting for my molds to be made to produce my product. I made mistakes, but I learned and I shared my journey along the way.

People started following me and asking me for help with their brands and I started helping them figure it out. I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2007, I’m a search engine optimization expert and copywriter so helping others was easy. But teaching others and giving them executable steps became my passion and I began seeing my clients have life changing moments while working with me! I knew that my life’s purpose was to help people bring amazing products to the market. I left my job and became a full time entrepreneur. Yes, I make money doing what I love every single day and I get to help others achieve that same dream.

But  unfortunately, each week I meet with people aren’t going to make it. People that are out of money because they couldn’t find a winning product, source it profitably, protect their ideas, import, launch and advertise. I try my best to help them liquidate. It’s heart breaking.

Then I met Steven. Steven was a horse of a different color. I’d see his posts in online forums about being in retail and how he had insane profit margins on his products. I could tell he wasn’t making it up by the way he spoke, how the things he said were backed up with knowledge and experience. He always had people requesting he mentor them and since he had no interest he’d send them to me. I kept getting these clients out of nowhere from this man I barely knew. So I started to get to know him better. He’d always post pictures from his trips to China and I joked that we should go together sometime. He said ok.

Wait… what? He said OK? You mean you’re just going to pick up and go to China with this guy you’ve barely met? The thing was, I started talking to Steven and he was just as passionate as I was about helping people figure it out and supporting them in their journey. He, like me, had a dream of finding a way to help others discover the success he had in retail and in bringing unique products to the market. To help people do this for real, full time. No looking back. So we decided we’d not only go to China, we’d invite people to go with us. We’d create a course that would teach them everything they needed to know to get out of those ruts before getting there and when they arrived, we’d take that knowledge even further and show them how to execute it in person.

We didn’t know if we could pull it off. 21 people trusted us enough to join us on this journey. We put together a course book of 150 pages of our own experience and we developed training webinars to go along with each section of the book. We asked the top experts in the industry to come and talk to our little group of entrepreneurs and you know what we discovered? They wanted to be part of what we were doing too! Every single one of them said yes. We were absolutely blown away. We found factories to allow our groups to tour them and to speak openly with us about the processes. When we were finished we had literally created the most unique experience designed to set entrepreneurs up for success, not just for success but for execution of success.

Some of the people who had joined us were part of some big well known courses and programs in the past. Every single one of them said there was absolutely no comparison to anything they learned before and they felt prepared to finally do this for real. No hesitation.

So back to the pain points of private label. How do we “fix these problems” and help you “figure it out”?

Easy, we ask you to forget everything you’ve learned from “secret formulas” and we teach you what top brands have done time and time again to build successful businesses.

  1. How to come up with ideas for unique products no one else has without software, validate that people actually want to buy them, and then understand how much you can sell them for
  2. Then we teach you how to calculate your margins so that you have enough margin to sell wholesale to retailers and you know what cost you need to source that product at. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand your numbers?
  3. Then we teach you how to source that product at that target price. How to communicate and negotiate with suppliers to get that target price and most importantly, how to protect your idea with your supplier in China following Chinese laws, not American NDA’s that don’t hold up.
  4. Last we teach you how to get that product into independent and big box retailers, as well as many online channels along with the logistics to handle the orders and importing. And trust us, advertising is much much easier without all of that competition with a product people actually want to buy that no one else is selling.

Wait… so I’ll have a unique product idea that I can find a manufacturer for, I’ll know how to communicate and negotiate at a cost that will allow me enough margin to wholesale that product at a profit AND I can feel confident my supplier won’t sell it to others? And you’ll meet me in China and actually teach me how to execute what I’ve learned in person?

That can’t be right… But wait… Have you ever asked yourself how every major retailer and big brands private labels pulls this off? There is a process, you just need to learn it.

And now you can.

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