It all started with a few people in the community asking for just the course that went along with the Canton Fair Experience program…
But I couldn’t offer just the course, because it would take an incredible amount of work to make it into a course that was not about China and could stand alone as a full scale private label course.
So I set out to create a course that could do just that! At first I called it the ideation masterclass, because this was the only course really focusing on market research and product development.
I’ve renamed the course Concept to Launch, because it is designed to help you master the path from conceptualizing your ideas to launching your products.

There was an overwhelming response to our initial invitation and I can’t wait to launch!

Sign-ups are officially open for our first class starting 15 April – most importantly, this class is limited to the first 25 people that sign up and it’s incredibly affordable!
This private label course includes over 47 classes to help you master the path from concept to launch and covers curriculum no one else in this space is teaching! This is not another Amazon FBA Private Label Course!
Watch the video here for an overview of the course and learn more on our course sign up page at
Also check out the first class in our free training mini-series on business planning at

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