Welcome to our 2nd segment of Concept2Launch Everyone!

Today is Part 2 of Packaging and branding and we’re going to discuss the branding and content that should go on your packaging process.

Here are the basics of branding and content for packaging:

Branding – Provide these details to your packaging designer


Know specifically what colors should be printed on your packaging. If you already have the CMYK values or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colors include those as they’re specifically for printing. (If not, a hex code is fine, too.)


What fonts will you use? These should be in line with your brand style guide and very easy to read. San Serif font is best because it doesn’t have curved lines. Make sure you have the proper fonts and any specific usage instructions (like kerning or weight).


Will you put a logo, warranty badge, or other icons on your packaging (such as made in the USA)? Where? Make sure you have a vector file available.

Content that needs to go on the packaging – Amazon has very specific requirements for ungating and listing your product before and after brand registration.

These requirements are unique to your specific product depending on your industry; There may be some things you’re required to put on your packaging for legal reasons.

For Amazon you may need:

Written copy (any of the below)

Name of your product


Words enticing someone to purchase

Country of Origin

Manufacturers name, address, and contact information (email or phone number) – if you are a private label seller YOU ARE THE MANUFACTURER, not your supplier in China


Photos (Have these ready to go before you start the design process)

Required marks (Depending on your product/industry)

Barcode or Amazon FNSKU

Nutrition information

Association marks

Know what temporary content you need for products such as Foods or Cosmetics

Expiration dates or Batch numbers

Do not print directly since this will change

Save space for a sticker or stamp

Pro tip: Study your competitors

Start collecting packaging that you like. Snap photos when you’re at the store. Create a Pinterest board. Look up unboxings on YouTube. You’re not necessarily curating design ideas for yourself, but for that ideal customer.

That’s it for today’s segment on packaging, tune in next Wednesday for part 3 on packaging – the design process. Remember, we have Concept To Launch course which provides everything you need to know about packaging and branding!

What is your process for designing awesome packaging? Share in the comments below.


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