Intellectual property is an important part of business and branding. The most successful businesses today are built on unique ideas, processes, and products. All of these unique ideas are worth protecting as they will increase the value of the business and thwart off copycats.

  • What is the right way to protect your idea, process, or product?
  • Should you trademark your logo or just the words in your brand name?
  • How do you copyright an image or logo?
  • When is the right time to patent and how do you protect your idea during the development stages?
  • Will filing in the US protect you in other countries? What are the international considerations?

Today we talked with Ashley Long, an attorney from the Carney, Badley, and Spellman Law Firm, based in Seattle, Washington. Ashley explains everything we need to know about intellectual property and protecting our ideas in this informative briefing for The Canton Fair Experience attendees.

There’s lots of great information on the internet about intellectual property, but after listening to this informative presentation, you’ll understand why it’s important to hire a legal professional when it comes to protecting your intellectual property.

Thank you to Ashley and the Carney Badley & Spellman law firm for helping our Canton Fair Experience entrepreneurs make informed decisions on intellectual property.

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