Product Research Bootcamp for Private Label Brands

Learn a new approach to product research, unlike any product research bootcamp you’ve attended in the past.


Are you stuck in analysis paralysis? Maybe you’ve used software or keyword research to find products to sell, but you aren’t sure if others have found the same products, are differentiating in the same way, or that customers will even buy your product.


Have you launched a product that didn’t work and you had to start over again? Or maybe your product is selling well but you are lost as to where to take your brand now and what to launch next?


If this is you, keep reading…

Product Research Bootcamp for Private Label Brands

This product research bootcamp is DIFFERENT than any training you’ve seen on YouTube or other courses…


In case you haven’t noticed, brand building is a scale game. The most successful brands have a line of products with many variations, not just one product.


So why would you conduct your product research with just one product in mind? 

Product Research Bootcamp for Private Label Brands

You need a VISION for your brand, CONFIDENCE in your product choices, and a ROADMAP for the next few products you’ll launch


Here’s what you’ll learn in this 3 session bootcamp…


Product Research Bootcamp for Private Label Brands
Product Research Bootcamp for Private Label Brands

Replays and Q&A Included  in All Sessions

Click each session tab below for details…

In this first session, you’ll learn how to build a brand by serving a niche with signature and complementary products.

A signature product is a differentiated product the brand is recognized for. These signature products help you gain customer trust and authority in your niche, making it easy to further grow your brand with more common goods.

We’ll teach you to find your signature product by narrowing down your niche, focusing on a specific customer and their needs, and easily differentiating a product in a way that matters to them!

For example, let’s say your niche is wedding decor, your signature product could be a line of unique cake toppers and your complementary products can be green garland, cake table signs, and guest books. If you just started with the green garland, you might have a lot of competition, but if your brand is recognized for it’s line of unique guest books or cake toppers, cross-selling customers more common goods like garland will be much easier.


But Amy, what kind of cake toppers can I make? I’m not creative…”

Don’t worry we’ll teach you how to recognize new trends and serve your audience! It’s easier than you think.

In this session, you’ll learn how to validate your ideas so you’ll have confidence in your projected sales revenue and profitability

Let’s say in session 1 you studied the niche of nurses in nursing school and chose a signature product of a planner and motivational journal to get them through those long hours in the classroom. How do you know that nurses will buy your product?

In this class, you’ll learn how to validate your product ideas through market research and winning product criteria – giving you the confidence that your idea will sell, you can manufacture it AND most importantly, make a PROFIT!

In the final session of our product research bootcamp you’ll learn to Master Your MVP

Many people get stuck after they choose their product because they aren’t sure what to do next.

The best way to start with a signature product is test the MVP (minimum viable product). In this session you’ll learn how to move forward with the first product(s) in your line.

Ok, I have a great idea, now how do I actually make this happen?

This class will give you a roadmap of what to do next…




This bootcamp takes place in our mastermind group which includes weekly zoom sessions for live interaction and Q&A, a private Facebook group for replays and chat, and bonus content in our website course library.


☑️Listing optimization masterclass – learn to create the perfect listing, photos and A+ Content 


☑️The full version of our award-winning course on product research – complete with worksheets, checklists, calculators and ANSWERS to your questions in our group teams chat


☑️Weekly Group Coaching sessions along with our onboarding classes on mindset, productivity, and planning



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