The product development process involves numerous steps – from concept creation to development, testing, and launch. It’s a tiring, meticulous, and challenging ordeal that has caused so many aspiring entrepreneurs to throw in the towel and give up halfway. But that was not the case with Kimberly Meckwood.

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, you might recognize Kimberly as one of those invited to pitch their product ideas to a panel of ‘sharks’. What’s so special about Kim is not just about her product Click and Carry – which is a smart and simple solution for carrying multiple bags all at once. Nope – what caught the sharks’ attention was Kim’s enthusiasm, grit, and perseverance – proven by the seven times she has gone back to audition for a spot on the show. Seven times! Eventually, Kim got her deal – she is now a successful Amazon seller celebrating massive growth and success on the platform. Imagine if she gave up on her 6th try?

If there was anyone we’d want you to listen to when overcoming challenges on the product development front, it’s Kimberly. Amy and Andy Arnott invited Kim to guest in today’s featured Seller Round Table – so she can tell us her story, share some tips, and impart some wisdom to those who dare to dream just like her. Watch her inspiring interview below:

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