Amazing in China Trip Add-On: Factory Tour


This add-on takes place in China during Phase 2 of the Canton Fair at a nearby factory. You must already have purchased the Amazing in China Group Trip to purchase this special add-on. Actual dates and times will be released to participants prior to travel.

FACTORY TOUR: Have you ever visited a factory? Experienced entrepreneurs know that visiting their factory is the most important factor in

  1. Determining if this factory is a good fit and establishing a relationship – Most immediately experience better communication, commitment and pricing after visiting their factory. Relationships in China are so important and a factory visit is a huge part of your success
  2. Ensuring the factory can meet your requirements – how are the work conditions at the factory? Is it really a trading company? What quality assurance and processes does this factory have in place? You won’t know unless you visit.

LEARNING WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND HOW TO VISIT A FACTORY: We want you to be prepared for your factory visits and feel confident in asking to visit factories, and knowing what to look for when you get there.

JOIN US FOR A FACTORY TOUR, We’ll cover your transportation to and from the factory, lunch with the factory, and include a worksheet that you can use in the future that focuses your attention on what to look for, what to see, and what questions to ask while you’re there.

SPACE IS LIMITED: We are limited to only 15 participants on this factory tour so sign up now and don’t miss it!



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