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Amazon Product Listing Write up includes Title, 5 Bullet Points, Product Description and Keywords. To order, simply add to cart and check out, then fill out the below form to submit your listing requirements, and help your customers to DISCOVER and DESIRE your products! 

Amazon Product Listing Write Up includes Title, 5 Bullet Points, Product Description and Back-End Keywords

  • Fully Optimized to Rank Organically with top ranked keywords and search terms
  • Competitor research to differentiate your product and help the customer choose you
  • Engaging content optimized with keywords, features, benefits
  • Trending niches for your product with recommendation for listing categories
  • Instructions for creating your listing in seller central


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Simply pay for the service by adding to cart and checking out online, then fill out the below form. As soon as we receive payment and your listing requirements form, we’ll get your new fully optimized listing back to you in 7-10 business days!



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