China Trip October 2020 for Partners


CHINA IS MORE FUN WITH A PARTNER, SPOUSE, OR FRIEND! This is the rate for double occupancy for the China trip. This rate includes a shared hotel room and shared transportation to and from the airport/hotel.

NOTE: After purchase, each individual traveler will need to complete the registration process. Partner rates must be paid together in one transaction.

Our China trip is for the people who haven’t been to China before and ALSO for people who want to go back to China with a group of like minded entrepreneurs.

TRAVEL DATES: We’re going to go during phase 2, we are also going to have optional add-ons if you want to come during phase 1, or phase 3 of the Canton Fair.

Our travel dates for Canton Fair Phase Two is from October 21 through 27th, and you can also purchase an add-on for hotel if you want to stay during phase one or phase three. We’ll be meeting as a group during phase two. We are going to cover seven nights of your hotel, transportation to and from the airport to the hotel and to and from the Canton Fair every day. We will cover a tour around the Canton Fair on the first day so that you can kind of get your footing under you and understand what’s going on there. We will also cover three evening meals, which are going to be a lot of fun. We’ll either do those at the hotel or we’ve got some ideas for some really awesome restaurants.

EARLY BIRD PRICING IS EVEN BETTER WHEN YOU SHARE A ROOM: If you want to go to China in person and source, you need to come with us. Let’s go with like minded individuals and source together at the fair. Our double occupancy rate is $3495 during our early bird pricing.


  • 7 nights of hotel including breakfast in a shared hotel room
  • Transportation to and from the fair every day
  • Daily Breakfast and Three paid dinners
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and back in a shared car
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions and Sourcing Masterclass in Facebook group leading up to travel
  • Travel and Visa Assistance

Travel Arrangements (September 1-15): Helpful tips and visa assistance in the facebook group so you know when to come and can get your travel questions answered

SOURCING COURSE & STRATEGY SESSIONS (WEEKLY September 15 – October 15): We also cover a whole month of strategy sessions in a Facebook group. These are weekly live strategy sessions, where we’ll talk about sourcing, coming up with your sourcing list, communicating with suppliers at the Canton Fair. Finally, just being able to connect with each other before the trip and we’ll also have some experts in those strategy sessions to answer your questions.

WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: You’re paying for your flights, any transportation or travel expenses outside of our trip, and a few meals.

  • Flight costs ($700-$1200):  I got a multi city flight from San Antonio to Shanghai, to Guangzhou, to Chengdu, and Beijing for less than $700.
  • Lunch and Additional Food: Usually meals in China around $4 USD, so you can plan less than $100 in food costs for a week.
  • Some Transportation: Most of your transportation will be covered but a cab across town ranges from $10 for a short distance to $40 for a longer distance.

FUN ADD-ONS FOR EVERYONE: We’re doing some really fun add ons, all add-ons are going to be optional. If you want to participate, then you can add those onto your trip. Even if you’re not with our group, you can participate in our add-ons. So keep that in mind if you’re going to China and you want to participate in our master classes and purchase them ahead of your trip on our website.


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