– Get 1 Free Month of Bookkeeping

Get 1 Free Month of Bookkeeping

Anyone here struggling with their bookkeeping or accounting? Do you wish you knew your monthly numbers better? 

If so, I highly recommend checking out @EcomBalance. 

They’re a US based customized bookkeeping service built specifically for eCommerce businesses selling on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, and any other channels online. 

Their founders are @Nathan Hirsch and @Connor Gillivan. Nathan and Connor were Amazon sellers themselves and founded @FreeUp together. FreeUp was acquired in 2019. Now they’re on a mission to help eCommerce and online businesses master their finances with EcomBalance. 

What’s amazing is that they’re offering 1 free month to anyone that signs up and tests out the service. 

If your books are behind or you’re just struggling to keep up with them or you’re frustrated with your current bookkeeper, check these guys out. 


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