External Traffic – Google Ads for Your Amazon Products


Drive external traffic to your Amazon.com product listings with Google Ads! This is an extremely effective and affordable way to rank your products for as little as $5 per day ad spend.

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Google Ads drive diverse external traffic to your Amazon Product Listings and a large percentage of the external traffic on Amazon comes from Google! Advertising is the most powerful lever that can increase your sales and increased sales increase rankings. We’ve figured out the best way to set up and optimize Google Ads for Amazon products by spending hours on the phone with Google Ads representatives and figuring out how to set up Ads in expert mode so you don’t have to. 

What do you get with our service?

  • Setup of your Google Ads with 2 Step URLs to your Amazon Listing including top ranked keywords and search terms
  • 4 Weeks of Weekly Optimization to ensure the best keywords are added and lower engagement keywords are removed or optimized
  • A video walk through of what we did delivered to your email so you can learn and understand what’s happening

Still not sure if our service is right for you? Contact us with your questions.

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