Sourcing & Freight Forwarding

Not sure if your supplier is trustworthy, if you’re getting the right price, or how to get the best price on shipping? Let Honu Worldwide help you out!

We help Amazon and eCommerce sellers slash their product pricing, ship for less and supercharge their profits.

Product Sourcing/Repricing 

Get lower prices than you can find on Alibaba or any other sourcing website

China Trademark

Protect your brand from being hijacked by your Chinese suppliers and sellers


Price Checker

Get a factory price for a product you found on popular sourcing platforms


Ocean & Air Freight

Let our freight negotiators find you the lowest shipping price on the planet


Product Inspection

Reduce your order defect rate with our comprehensive inspection service

There are many more services to check out from Honu Worldwide. Click the check it out link below to explore!



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