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Since 2011 Jacoby Solutions has been helping companies with Consumer Product Safety Compliance and technology solutions to show proof of compliance to the CPSC, Amazon, EU Surveillance, and Retailers.  As an approved CPSC Product Safety Coordinator, our process and documentation have been vetted by the CPSC and the Justice Department. We can help you show “Due Care” when addressing product safety, especially if you need to follow CPSIA for children’s products. 

As a former Children’s and baby product importer and distributor, I have walked a day in your shoes as I have been involved in the launch of 7 European baby brands into the U.S. market. Whether you are a manufacturer or Amazon Seller, we have assembled a team of experts that can help you with the following:


* Vendor / Supplier Guides with Compliance Requirements and Policies

* Company Compliance Programs

* Testing and Certification Plans

* CPSIA Compliance

* Quality and Compliance Product Inspection Services

* Factory Audit Services

* Incident Reporting Policy and Training

* Customer Service Safety and Quality Incident Escalation and Response Solutions

* Material Change Policies

* Undue Influence Training (as required by CPSIA)

* GCC/ CPC’s

* Recall Plans

* Compliance Program Audits for Due Diligence when Buying or Selling a Company/Store

* Import Detentions and Examinations

* CPSC Violations and 15 B Reporting

* Corrective Action Plans and Re-work Projects

* Regulatory Compliance requirements for U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK, and the EU.

* Authorized Representative Services for the UK and EU

* Help understanding CE Marks and Declaration of Conformity if selling into the EU.

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Compliance process and procedures should be embedded in your business operations and be PROACTIVE !.  With Seller P.O.C. we have put together experts to help you with all your Compliance related activities. Start today with an Evaluation of your compliance process and we can help identify what you need to show Proof of Compliance in regions where you sell or to Retailers when opening new sales channels.


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