Jeff Schick Legal – Protect Your Amazon Business for $89 Per Month

The Jeff Schick Legal retainer helps you protect your Amazon business against legal challenges that your business is likely to face. For $89 per month, you receive unlimited complimentary calls and emails with our licensed law firm, as well as protection against Amazon Account and Product suspensions.

Meet Jeff:

Hi, I’m Jeff Schick. My Amazon journey began in 2011, when I started selling pet shampoo via Amazon FBA. Since then, I built a Seven Figure Amazon business, as well as a Shopify, eBay, and Wal-Mart business.


During my time in law school, I built up an Amazon business that did over $2 Million in annual sales. Along the way, I faced a variety of challenges including account and product suspensions, intellectual property claims, and I even received C&D Letters from large law firms. This experience left me realizing one thing: there was a lack of quality attorneys to represent eCommerce sellers when they faced legal threats.

I gave up a six-figure corporate “Big Law” job offer, and opened my own law firm devoted to providing high quality legal services at affordable prices. Now, I’m pleased to offer my same quality legal services I have offered via a monthly legal retainer plan..

For $89 per month, you can protect your business from legal threats that could severely disrupt your normal business operations. I designed my monthly retainer plan with the sellers in mind, because I’ve been in your shoes.


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