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★Your LOGO represents your brand★ Read the service description below for more information about what’s included. When you’re ready to get started, fill out and submit the form below, then add to cart and checkout online and we’ll get to work!



★Your Logo Represents Your Brand and Products★

When customers see a logo and professional looking branding and packaging on a product, they see value! People shop with their eyes! 

In order to convert every customer, your logo and branding needs to communicate value and trust to the customer. 


  1. We will take your inputs from our branding questionnaire and create some logo designs for you to choose from.  
  2. We will communicate throughout the process to ensure we arrive at a logo design that fits your needs and represents your brand well. You will have 2 revisions included in this service. 
  3. We’ll then deliver the logo to you with all source files for your use. We aim to deliver logos 10-14 business days from the last revision approval. 

Ready to get started? Fill out and submit the below questionnaire and then add this service to cart and checkout online. As soon as we receive payment and your questionnaire results, we will get to work on your project.

Branding Questionnaire

  • Try to sum up the goals and mission of your business in one sentence. Make sure to include who your ideal audience is, what your business has to offer, as well as how they benefit from your service/product.
  • This will cultivate the emotion that people get when interacting with your brand. Ex: edgy, classy, sustainable, friendly, etc.
  • Is it approachable yet full or personality, sophisticated, etc.?
  • Ex: joyful, comforted, encouraged, excited, etc.
  • If you have a Pinterest board, you can also paste the link here.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
    You can make a collage of images that inspire you, fonts, along with the colors that you prefer.
  • (ex: script, bold, light, hand drawn, custom lettering, etc.)
  • (ex: you find that some brands are too childish, or they're too rigid, etc)
    Please check everything that applies.


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