PPC Ninja – Amazon PPC Management Software

PPC Ninja is a unique set of tools built BY sellers FOR sellers. Our software helps sellers and agencies to:
✔ Maximize Ad Sales
✔ Quickly Reach Target ACoS
✔ Discover Hidden Growth Opportunities

This software is ideal for someone who is learning PPC or is fairly hands-on with their data. We do a lot of heavy lifting for you in terms of ad data collection, extrapolation and consolidation into powerful table views that you can easily sort, filter and run queries on. You can carry out complicated bulk operations across your account using our web UI, completely skipping .csv based operations. Our weekly bid change recommendations need to be approved by you before they take effect, and this is our way to allow YOU to stay in charge. This is very different from PPC tools that do full automation that most people don’t understand.

PPC Ninja is offering an exclusive offer for students of Amy’s Amazing at Home coaching programs. This entitles you to an EXTENDED 30 day free trial of PPC Ninja Amazon PPC Management Software. But that’s not all. If you continue with PPC Ninja as a paying customer beyond your 30 day trial, you can unlock an additional BONUS offer of 30% off your first month’s subscription.

Instructions for Claiming the Offer
1) Click on http://ppcninja.com?fpr=amy15
2) Click on Signup in the top right corner of the page
3) Send an email to support@ppcninja.com from the email you used to signup, with AMY30 in the subject line. This will get you a 30 day free trial.
4) But that’s not all. If you continue using our tools as paying customers beyond your 30 day course, you will also be given 30% off your first month’s subscription.

If you have ANY issues whatsoever in signing up, please shoot us an email at support@ppcnina.com. We have a ticketing system and will respond speedily.


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