QIMA Product Inspection and Lab Testing

Can’t be there to check things out in person? Trust QIMA to audit your factory

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Need Lab Testing for Your Products? 

Learn more about QIMA

Ensure your products are good to go before they leave the factory with inspection services!

Learn more about QIMA

QIMA is a worldwide organization that can help with all of your needs no matter what country you source from!

When working with an outside factory, especially overseas, it can be difficult to ensure that the products supplied by the manufacturer are up to your standards. An effective quality control program can help you prevent negative consumer reviews and protect your reputation.

We’ve been partnering with QIMA for some time now, and would like to share them with you as our preferred quality control and compliance services partner. QIMA offers professional third-party Product InspectionsLab Testing and Supplier Audits to help you ensure that your products conform to your own specifications and to the regulations of your destination market.

Here’s why thought QIMA could bring value to your supply chain:

  • Fast and global: QIMA operates in 85 countries and guarantees an inspector at your chosen factory within 48 hours
  • Same-day reports: you get a detailed report with photographs on the same day as the inspection, and can accept or reject the shipment with one button
  • Transparent pricing: the quote you get for your inspection, test or audit is the full price you will pay, without any hidden fees or surcharges
  • 100% independent: QIMA is not affiliated with your suppliers, and their reports let you see exactly what their inspectors see
  • Easy booking: QIMA services can be booked online or via a mobile app with a few clicks Dedicated support and advice: whatever the issue, you can get help 24/7 via online chat and email

Use the link below to book with QIMA and gain a new level of confident in your supply chains and the quality of your products.



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