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We are on auto pilot when it comes to our supply chain. Traditionally we get our goods produced in China, get our freight forwarder to ship our entire shipment to the US, then store them all in a 3PL.

This way of doing things means you need to outlay LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH UPFRONT to get all your goods to the US. Plus, you have the extra SPD delivery costs from your 3PL to Amazon. Do you realise how much money you’re leaking in your supply chain?

SKUdrop keeps more money in your pocket. Why? Because our solution involves doing regular DIRECT TO AMAZON shipments each week, resulting in SPENDING LESS CASH UPFRONT, keeping MORE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT and ELIMINATING extra SPD shipping costs.

With SKUdrop, there’s no need to ship ALL your goods to the US in one bulk shipment.

Special Offer for Amazing at Home Customers: Get 6 months of SKUdrop software free with code AMZSKU at signup at


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