Do You Want to Expand Your Sales Beyond 

The Specialty Stores masterclass is the fastest way to get your products on the shelves of 1000’s stores all over the USA.

joining our masterclass today and learn how to boost your sales like a rocket.

Who is the Speciality Store Channel For?

how to edit an amazon product listing not the owner

Every brand owner with the desire to expand their sales channels and grow sales in their business almost immediately.

E-commerce, Amazon, eBay, and any online or offline platform vendor. Actually, for everyone who wants to sell their products in significant figures.

how to edit an amazon product listing not the owner

Meet Your Teachers 

Talor Ofer

Retail Sales Expert

My name is Talor. I have been selling products to retailers since 2005. When I was living in China and producing for Walmart and Costco, I was a part of a group that sold millions of $ worth of merchandise to retailers in the USA. During those years, I worked with various product lines: Outdoor gear, Electronics, Apparel, Cosmetics, and more. We sold to over 60 different retailers and noticed that one of the easiest and most efficient ways to grow fast is by selling to specialty stores. I’m excited to teach you how to expand your sales channels.


Amy Wees

Amazon Sales Expert

Hello! I’m Amy. Normally I’m the teacher but for this class I’m the apprentice. I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2007. My focus is private label and unique products. This year my goal is to expand into retail. So I’m here to help the e-commerce sellers navigate this new territory and translate terms so they’re easy for you to understand and take action on! I’m looking forward to learning with you and helping you along the way.


5 Modules

Module 1

Product focus, Categories, and Research.

You already know who your online consumer is, but who is your B2B retail customer? You’ll learn quickly with a few tricks and tips to discover who this audience is and where you can sell your products beyond your existing channels. Investigating your target audience in this B2B wholesale market isn’t just about googling. There are other tools to do it faster and with better results.

Module 2

Pricing and Orders.

It’s time to dive into the numbers to make sure your very first quotation will be accepted. Learn how stores calculate their profits, how they order goods, and what they expect in terms of pricing/payment terms & method/freight/contracts and the operational side.

Module 3

Branding and visibility.

This is the secret to your success. There are a few principles in branding that makes your ‘story’ around the product an exciting one. It is crucial as we are all living in a very fast decade, and decisions happen very fast, mostly based on appearance. You can have the most fabulous product on earth, but if the branding isn’t overpowering, people won’t notice it, and you will miss opportunities. Besides theory, we link you to our personal contacts and resources; quality professionals who can build your teaser deck/catalog/look book – both affordably and with stunning results.

Module 4

Marketing and Sales + Briefs.

You get one chance to make a first impression. What do you actually say when contacting buyers? We will show you examples and give you templates of the exact text that will make the other side say: “Hey, I want to hear more”, or “WOW, I want to see a sample of this”. There are a few forms I have built during the years. I have tested all of them. Now I can confidently tell you what works the best 100%, leading you to the results you want: getting orders from specialty stores.

Module 5

Finding key Persons.

This is my favorite part! I will show you how very fast you can find thousands of stores relevant for your products, and how to touch base with them quickly and professionally, creating new orders.



You’ll get our list of trusted resources PLUS:

Quick, Low Cost & Efficient 3rd Party Logistics Providers for small-medium orders

Professionals for any step you want to outsource along the way

A unique new way to open more special channels for your lines, be ready for big surprises at the last session!!


Click the product button below to sign up now at our introductory price of $997. You will get so much value from this course!

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