Need a Return Service in the USA? We’ve Got You Covered!

Did you know most of the products returned to Amazon and marked damaged or defective by customers are absolutely brand new and have never even been opened?

We know this because we process our own returns and most of them are still in the package unopened and are marked damaged or defective so the customer doesn’t have to pay a return fee.


Overseas Seller on US Marketplace? We can Help!

Many sellers who live overseas and sell on Amazon US are forced to have Amazon destroy perfectly good inventory for lack of a reliable returns service in the USA.

Additionally, these overseas sellers are limited from selling on channels external to Amazon or merchant fulfilling on Amazon because they have no one to handle returns. Many prep centers and 3PLs do not offer return services.


Who is it for? 

Amazing at Home offers a concierge returns service for sellers with less than 20 returns per month.


How Does This Service Work?

We offer a $10 per unit flat fee service to receive your returns, send you photos of the product and packing slip (which includes the reason for return), make a recommendation based on our findings, and then give you a choice of what you’d like us to do with the product:

  1. REPACKAGE AND RETURN TO AMAZON FOR RESALE: If there is nothing wrong with the product and it’s packaging is in tact or easily replaceable (for example, a poly bag), we will recommend repackaging and returning to Amazon for resale. If you choose this option, you will need to choose the send/replenish option in your seller central inventory dashboard and email us a prepaid shipping label for returning your products to Amazon. We will apply all labels and provide to your chosen shipping provider for delivery and restocking at Amazon fulfillment centers.
  2. DELIVER TO AN ADDRESS OF YOUR CHOOSING FOR RESALE: If the product is gently used and resellable, you may choose to resell it used on Amazon or another platform of your choosing.
  3. DESTROY: If the product is unsuitable for resale, you may choose to destroy the product.



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