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Do you need to remove inventory from Amazon but you’re not sure what to do with it?

  1. Now instead of liquidating or destroying that inventory you can:
  1. Repackage and return to Amazon – many returns have no issues
  2. Sell it on another channel – need to fulfill these orders outside of Amazon? No problem, we can ship it for you in a plain box
  3. Bundle it with another product – bundle other popular products with yours and get a second chance at making sales! 
  4. Split it into multipack options and relist it – people love to buy in bulk, why not offer multipacks on your listings?

About our concierge service:

Amazing at Home’s returns processing, bundling and multipack service is designed to help smaller sellers who don’t qualify for large prep centers to find more options for selling their inventory.

We are a small operation, so we support 100 units at a time for prep and max inventory storage time is 90 days for returns or fulfillment. Plus we are sellers ourselves, so we can help you with the little things others don’t understand.

We are not a 3PL fulfillment service or storage warehouse. We do not have the framework to support storing large amounts of inventory or sending daily shipments for merchant fulfillment. Our service exists to provide opportunities for sellers to learn and grow and scale to a level where they qualify for the services of a 3PL provider.
We can process your returns or help you turn products into bundles or multipacks.

How it works:

  1. Apply for our concierge service 
  2. If accepted, follow the instructions to send us your inventory
  3. Get the help you need to sell more

How much and what’s included?

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    Please explain why you need our service
  • Please enter the physical number of units returned each month which would require processing
  • For example, do you have Amazon destroy these returns?
    If so, please check out the returns service offered by

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