Want to know the truth? So many eCommerce businesses are losing money on Amazon.

Why? There may be different reasons on the surface, but if you dig deeper you’ll trace the same underlying cause across various categories – i.e. poor decisions caused by lack of business planning and brand building. It’s a cautionary tale on any platform – both brick n’ mortar shops and online – businesses who don’t do the groundwork won’t be standing on a good foundation, and they eventually come crashing down.

Remember: slow and steady always wins the race – and that anything accomplished in haste will also break down in haste.

As a former military war planner, Amy has always been an advocate of good¬†strategic planning – in battle and eventually, in business. After her career in the air force, Amy invested many years building brands on Amazon. Through years of studying, planning, and practicing, Amy was able to formulate a very specific plan of attack in product listing optimization – which allowed her to take brands from page 20 and bring them to page 1 on the keyword rankings. Amy’s optimization formula is now one of the main services of Amazing At Home – and has helped so many Amazon businesses to scale.

Amy guests on Neil Twa’s The High Voltage Business Builders Podcast and shares snippets of her optimization strategy in the video below:

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