From Private Label Student

To Ordering His 1st Container Full 


Amazing at Home: Hi Leonard, it’s great to have you for the 1st volume of our “Seller Portraits”.

Leonard de Beer: Thanks for having me, pleasure to be here for this first one.

Amazing at Home: Leo, would you mind giving a quick intro about yourself for our readers?

Leonard de Beer: Sure, I’m Leonard De Beer, a 27 years old Amazon seller from Australia.

I recently moved over to Europe. Thanks to Amazon, I now live in Brussels.

I have been a student of Amy Wees, and participated in her ’ “Concept to Launch” trainings, originally to gain more confidence in the process.

Now, I am about to get my first full container of private label products out on the water ways to Amazon’s warehouse.

AAH: Congratulations man, that’s awesome!

Please tell us when and how you first decided to sell products on Amazon?

LDB: Back in 2019, I was working corporate and commuting 3 hours a day,
so I was constantly on the lookout for a better way to make a living.

I first came across E-commerce when I was attending an entrepreneur conference;
One of the speakers was selling a course to get started.

I loved the concept of being able to make money 24/7, regardless of where you were in the world.

And I saw this business model as an opportunity for me and my girlfriend to live abroad in Belgium.



Coming from a data analytics background, selling on Amazon was also very appealing

because it would allow me to really apply and utilize the skillset that I excel at.

I started Amazon the same year, and made my very first sales in 2020.

AAH: That’s great!

So what was the business model you chose back when you started selling,
and what was the marketplace you targeted first?

LDB: I chose to go with Private Labeling straight away, and picked the US as it was the largest market of all.

For me it was all in: “Go big or go home!”

AAH: Nice!  And what has been the biggest challenge for you then?

LDB: Finding suppliers that could produce the high quality that I’m requiring. And then, to be able to communicate that quality to them.

At first I started using a sourcing agency that did not really know what they were doing.

And also, I had not yet developed any effective process in order to communicate properly my requirement specs. to the suppliers.

This resulted in quite a lot of time wasted, lots too many back and forth with suppliers that wasn’t that great in the first place…

Leonard finally visiting Europe, here next to Tower bridge in London, U.K.


Another burden for me was to not giving myself any permission to fail.

I was so scared at failing that I lost much time and energy, trying to figure out everything perfectly.

With experience now, I should have just started with a minimum viable product as quick as possible,

and learn through actions. It’s very rare for someone to do everything correctly the first time, if not impossible.

AAH: That is so true; it’s actually something we see with a lot of our new students starting on Amazon.

So how did you come across Amy Wees and Amazing at home?

LDB: I came across Amy because a friend of mine had been working with her,
and he recommended her “Concept to launch” program.

I enrolled and never regretted it, I specially liked how structured were her trainings,

and also really appreciated her dedication in helping each and every one.

AAH: What was one of your most remarkable Wins, since you started selling?

LDB: Hitting my first $10k.

This was a goal that I had set for myself when I started.

I wrote it down on a “Post-it” note and stuck it above my computer.

Every day, I would look at the note and envision myself seeing the $10k on my account.

The day my vision turned into reality was just surreal!

After going through countless road blocks, many setbacks, and be that close to just giving up…

It was crazy to realize I had finally made it through to that goal!!

After crushing his $10k goal and optimizing his processes, Leonard has yet passed another convoyed milestone within the community: ordering his full container load, for more profits.


AAH: Indeed! And we absolutely love it when members of our community are able to crush theirs goals.

Each time it makes us happier and proud, and also gives us more force in continuing to build this wonderful community.

Speaking of which, you have also managed to help other sellers with their PPC along the way, right?

In fact so much that it quickly became a full PPC agency, hasn’t it?

LDB: Lol,  its’ true yes. However, we are very much a “boutique agency” still.

We attach more importance on relationships with our clients, rather than chasing big numbers.

But yeah, so far it’s been a great experience, and we have delivered excellent results for them, so it’s been good.

AAH: What would you recommend new sellers doing as opposed to some of the mistakes you made?
Leonard De Beer:

• Giving yourself permission to fail. Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Take the leap and just go for it!
• Taking action is always going to yield better results than just consuming endless content.
• Stick to one strategy and don’t worry about what other people are doing. There are so many ways to make money on Amazon it can get very overwhelming if you try to do all of them at once.
• Its better to be deadly in one thing than to be average in a range of things.

Amazing at Home: Thanks a lot Leonard for sharing with us today, we are looking forward to your next successes!

Leonard De Beer: Cheers Guys!

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