The key to making progress is to take that very first step. Let’s talk about how Mina Elias, a 7-figure Amazon seller, took his first step and became one of the PPC experts in the industry.

From Chemical Engineer to Supplements Master

Mina Elias won gold medal.
Mina Elias, winning a gold medal during Fuji BJJ Championship on June 2018. Photo from Instagram.
Mina Elias (a.k.a The Egyptian Prescription) is one of the highest-performing sellers on Amazon today. He is the founder of MMA Nutrition,  a brand of supplements for athletes. He is also the brainchild behind PPC University, an intensive 3-week course dedicated to teaching Amazon sellers the ins and outs of Amazon PPC. 

Mina started as a chemical engineer. He entered the corporate space and was promoted to various positions, even handling 12 million dollar projects. But Mina wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to do more. 

“I eventually got sick and tired of it,” he said.

It turns out, being a corporate chemical engineer was far from Mina’s vision for himself.  “I am an MMA fighter,” Mina shared — so he found himself fully enmeshed in the world of supplements. And so, MMA Nutrition and his persona as The Egyptian Prescription were born. The success of the firm could be due in part to Mina’s prior experience — everything he learned as a chemical engineer, and as a supplement consumer himself, all played a part in the sustainability of the supplement company. 

So what brought him to the Amazon world?

Mina was always meticulous in choosing the right supplements to buy. Thanks to a broad background in chemical engineering, Mina knew so much more than salespeople at the gym – as a result, he refused to buy anything from a random shelf. Even up to this day, Mina conducts extensive research about the product and goes through reviews. Only then will he Add to Cart.

That’s when Mina had an epiphany. “Well, if I’m buying all my supplements on Amazon, then I should sell my supplements on Amazon. That’s where people like me will buy them,” Mina shared. That’s when his seller journey began.

Mina as an Amazon PPC Expert

The way he started with Amazon is pretty much the same with everyone. At first, he didn’t know what to do. Putting the products on the platform was one thing, but getting people to buy was another ball game altogether. Selling supplements is competitive, to say the least, and one great way to scale the brand is to master the art of Amazon PPC.  

Mina then looked for people to learn from. “I went to every single conference and every single meetup that had the word ‘Amazon’ in it,” he said. “And I talked to everyone and I got better”. Then he got the hang of it and got so good at PPC, to the point that he wanted to give back by teaching. 

Mina realized that there’s not a lot of knowledge about PPC that is available for everyone. He started giving back to the community by creating free content and starting a PPC course. They loved his materials – even beginner sellers had no trouble following the course. People asked him to manage their PPC. Mina tried his skills out on a few friends first – then realized that he very well could start welcoming clients on board.

His clients back then were testing different solutions to their PPC challenges. When he out-performed their choices, he realized that they deserve better solutions.  “I am probably hurting people by not offering the service. There are so many PPC services out there that are not doing a good job,” Mina said. His approach is different from others – no machine, no Ai, all human decision making. He centers on doing stuff other agencies can’t do because they rely too much on software. 

How Amazing at Home Became Part of His Journey

Mina is not all about the money. He gave back to the same community that nurtured him when he was starting. And so it is understandable why he jived with Amy right at the beginning. He met Amy in December 2019 during a seller meetup. “She is empowering entrepreneurs to solve problems and add value to the communities around us. And that’s how you’re going to be successful. It’s not like ‘Hey! Let’s find the next hack or trick’,” he said. “We have to solve a pain point for someone.”
When asked about his involvement with Amazing at Home, he replied, “I see her content regularly, and consume some of it.” Another thing though that made a big impact on him is the way Amy approaches her goals. “It was a very big game changer for me”, Mina shared. “She breaks up her monthly goals into three main priorities, then divides those into the four weeks of the month. He shares with enthusiasm: “If you accomplish those goals every single month, you are moving the needle in your business and it really does with all the noise that’s going on out there.”

Mina’s Biggest Win

You might think, isn’t becoming a 7-digit seller a win itself? Not for Mina. “The main (win) is I’ve been able to completely provide for my family, so they never have to work again in their life. The second one is that I’ve gained full control of my time”, Mina said. Those are the biggest wins he had since he became an entrepreneur. Who wouldn’t want to give the best possible life there is for their family? Who wouldn’t want the freedom to earn money at home or anywhere? For most, that is the dream.
He isn’t stopping there, of course. COVID taught him a lot of lessons, and one of them is not depending on a single stream of income. Right now, his next big thing is to build a diverse source of income and strong teams. “COVID has shown us that nothing’s guaranteed and life is pretty short. I’m investing hard right now in my skills and my teams”, he added.

Message to New Sellers

One great thing we can get from a person is learning from his experience. Mina shares some bits of advice for those starting to sell on Amazon.

  1. Do not quit – He gave emphasis on this. “First of all, number one, and never quit. Because it’s not going to be easy, it’s, but it’s going to be very rewarding”, he said.
  2. Build your skillset
  3. Have the right mindset

According to Mina, it is not the product that will define your business. It is the constant improvement of skills and having the right mindset. “You’re going to have failed products. You’re going to have completely failed businesses. You’re going to shut down, you’re gonna have failed partnerships. But it’s not the end of the world. As long as your skills keep accumulating and you have the right mindset. You’re improving every single day, you’ll reach the goal that you want”, Mina said. 

Mina’s story is proof that it is not such a bad idea to break apart from something you used to do to pursue something new.  As long as you know what you want and you improve on your skills, you have a good chance to succeed. 

Did you have a good read? Did you relate to any of Mina’s experiences? Maybe you’ll be the next Mina Elias someday. Tell us in the comments below!


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