Amazing At Home: Hi everyone, welcome to our fifth volume of Seller Portrait, featuring Jess Hill. How are you doing Jess?

Jess Hill: Hi guys, I’m good thanks and you?

Amazing At Home: I’m stoked. Alright, let’s get straight to it. So Jess, please tell us a bit about your background?

Jess Hill: I have had a passion for helping sellers achieve financial freedom and success through building their eCommerce Empires since 2016. I went from being an extreme Couponer to making over 2 million in sales. And I have assisted hundreds of men and women reach their entrepreneurial goals. How can I help YOU achieve YOUR dreams?

Amazing At Home: Wow, that is inspiring Jess, so tell us, how did you realize you wanted to sell products online using Amazon?

Jess Hill: Thanks. Well, I have been on eBay since 1999 selling antiques with my mom and I loved the thrill of the hunt to find profitable items. Then I was introduced to FBA in October of 2015 and I’ve been hooked since.

AHH: And what appealed to you then about Amazon FBA?

Jess: I love finding deals and making money. I love replacing my bills with profitable income streams and most importantly I love working on my own time so when I was presented with the opportunity to do all 3 while sitting at home, I grabbed it with both hands and never looked back.

AAH: So did you start selling straight away or did you prefer learning first?

Jess: As soon as I was introduced to Amazon FBA in October 2015 I went straight to Target and started scanning and buying right away.

AAH: Can you share with us which model and why that 1 in particular?

Jess: I chose Retail Arbitrage, and the reason being, I was an extreme couponer for several years starting in the year 2011, so shopping for deals gave me a huge rush. I was sold when I learned that I could shop for deals then flip those deals on Amazon and make huge amounts of profit. I have since expanded to Online Arbitrage and Wholesaling.

AAH: I love how you used that to your advantage. Great start! Through your own observation, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced before selling?

Jess: I would say the biggest challenge I faced before selling was working for someone else.

AAH: Haha! I get you.

Okay, since you started selling, what do you think has been the most challenging process for you? And please elaborate if you don’t mind.

Jess: I would say knowing what to outsource and letting go of that control. I started outsourcing the prep of my products within the first year but letting go of other aspects was hard for me. But I am so glad I have most of my Amazon FBA business outsourced now. I am still in charge of making the purchasing decisions, but the online arbitrage sourcing with Tactical Arbitrage Software, prepping, shipping and repricing are all delegated.

AAH: I understand not being able to control every aspect of your business can be challenging, glad to hear you managed to get around it. And can you share with us what has been your biggest win since? Think about the most satisfactory feeling selling on Amazon has given you.

Jess: For me, it’s Selling over 7 figures in less than 3 years using Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, and Wholesaling.

AAH: WOW! That’s incredible Jess. What is your top goal with your Amazon Business right now?

Jess: I intend to keep growing my replenishable grocery bundles and multipacks to ensure I have a baseline model of consistent cash flow.

AAH: Sounds like a plan to me.

Alright so, in continuance, if you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Jess: If I were to start this process all over again, I would get Inventory Lab on Day 1 and I would also get an FBA coach on day 1. I made some mistakes with overbuying and pallet buying which could have been avoided if I had a coach.

AAH: What do you think Amazon FBA is gonna look like in the years to come?

Jess: I believe it will continue to grow as online retail sales grow.

AAH: Is there any advice you would like to give to new and upcoming sellers nearing into the space?

Jess: Know your numbers! Knowing your numbers! I cannot stress how crucial this is. Auditing your suppliers, and keeping abreast of replenishable products will help you manage your business more successfully.

AAH: Awesome advice, for their sake I hope they listen, haha! So when did you hear about Amazing At Home/ Amy Wees for the first time?

Jess: Amy and I were in another eCommerce group together, then I reached out to her in 2017 to see if she wanted to partner up. She and I have been growing our groups alongside each other ever since.

AAH: Can you share with us what value meeting Amy has created in your business?

Jess: Amy has not only been a friend but also a coach. She helped me work through my website navigation, has helped me navigate growing and supporting a Facebook following. And did I mentioned what an amazing FRIEND Amy is? She listens and truly cares for me and those in our communities. I am very grateful to have Amy and the Amazing at Home team in my circle. <3

Thanks a lot 🙂

AAH: That is good to hear Jess. Thank you too. And we’re grateful that you took the time to join us on this Volume.

That’s it from us today everyone and thanks for reading.

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