Be honest – do you take advantage of Amazon PPC?

We won’t be surprised if PPC is not at the top of your priorities. You’re not alone – plenty of Amazon sellers struggle in this area. PPC data can feel overwhelming to a layman or any small business owner. 

But we hope you’ve realized by now that learning how to navigate and manage Amazon PPC can give you an edge over the others. It’s a super effective strategy that can lead to a boost in traffic towards your listings, which will eventually lead to a boost in sales.

So – first, you’ll have to master all the technical terms. Next, you learn how to read the data and correlate them with each other. Then, you figure out a PPC strategy that works for your product. Of course, you must ensure that the strategy is executed smoothly. And finally, you observe and make changes if necessary.

It sure seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, SellerApp now has an awesome Amazon PPC Automation Tool that helps Amazon sellers manage their PPC strategy with just a few clicks and toggles. In this video, Amy invites SellerApp co-founder Brij Purohit to give us a quick tutorial on how to use their cool PPC tool, plus share a few of his secrets on effective PPC strategies.

Watch this video and be blown away.

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