Most small business owners on Amazon have one ultimate goal in mind – to scale and eventually sell their business to a bigger and more capable organization, for a substantial price.

Exciting news: large aggregators are always on the lookout for scalable Amazon businesses to acquire. That said, if someone were to approach you and ask about buying your Amazon business today – have you studied all the things to consider and prepare before you sign the papers?

You don’t want to go in blind into a business acquisition deal. It’s always best to seek assistance from an expert who will guide you through every step in the process and widen your perspective to help you better examine the bigger picture.

Amy chats with Yael Cabilly of Fortunet – one of the leading investment banking firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions of Amazon FBA businesses. Yael takes us through a crash course in a business sale process, discussing a number of important things that happen behind the scenes. Topics discussed include: what’s the best time to sell, how to determine your business’s actual value in $$$, what documents to prepare, and many other crucial matters.

Watch Amy and Yael’s lively discussion below:

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