It’s no secret that AI is very quickly becoming a part of everyone’s lives. Every industry has a use for artificial intelligence, and it’s helping people all over the world automate processes, speed up operations, streamline marketing, and so much more. But there’s no doubt that we’re inundated with information. There are so many new platforms, apps, and lessons to absorb – it can get overwhelming. That’s why the AI Business Summit, taking place this May 24-25, is the jump-off point every savvy entrepreneur needs. The summit will introduce you to a slew of talented speakers, all of whom have leveraged on the powers of AI to improve their business. One of our speakers spent years trying to build a brand – only to get it done in 6 weeks thanks to AI. This is the sort of result you can welcome in your own business as soon as you dig yourself out of the weeds of info overload – which the chatter surrounding AI most definitely has. The speakers at the summit will simplify things for you in a massive way, so you discover new tools, tips, philosophies, and hacks to make sense of this bold new world.

But don’t take our word for it. We’ve compiled a sneak peek of the wisdom they’ll be dropping at the summit. Scroll on down below to get a glimpse of tips, as-yet-undiscovered tools, and philosophies you’ll discover this May 24-25.

Chad Rubin joins us with the first day’s keynote on May 24. His excitement is palpable: AI is opening up avenues for growth and success, removing roadblocks, and creating possibilities where none existed before. Imagine insurmountable tasks that required huge teams to accomplish – they can now be done in a quarter of that time, from the comfort of your living room. What a glorious time it is to be alive! Many people are confused by his passion. AI isn’t as easy as experts make it out to be. Many lay people (so, the non-techy people of the world) are eager to achieve these results, but have no idea how to go about it – and that would be because prompt mastery is a crucial skill for mastering AI. Chad has the solutions to this predicament by way of the AIRPM Chrome Extension – a veritable library of open-source prompts that you can use to auto populate that ChatGPT prompt box. Now, if that isn’t a valuable gold nugget, given for a song, we don’t know what is.


Michael Jordan once said, “If you do the work you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.” Well. How the world has changed since Mike spoke those truths! Brian joins us as one of our panel speakers on May 25. He’ll be joined by Baldwin Thai, Marcel Marculescu, and Marc Gawith as they discuss the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for integrating AI seamlessly into your business operations. Now, there’s a misconceived notion about AI – that using it will remove any need to do any of the heavy lifting. Brian believes in looking for the most efficient avenues, and AI can help take the load off your shoulders by automating much of it – allowing you the bandwidth to take on more important tasks. It’s a sensible and informed perspective on AI. You won’t want to miss out on Brian’s advice; there are some real actionable steps that any business person can use to improve their operations in real time.


Launching a business or a new product can be quite the gargantuan task. You’re juggling a dozen balls in the air, likely managing a staff to operate at maximum efficiency, all the while trying to stay sane and keep the bottom line healthy. So you do what any modern-thinking entrepreneur would do – you check which AI platform can streamline things for you. Then you find yourself taking a massive deep dive into the AI superhighway, getting more and more overwhelmed. Which AI tool works? How do I get it to work? How am I assured that this will cut down my time? There are a gazillion shiny new tools out there. Jamie’s right – focus. Stick to your lane. Identify how you want to tackle the Wide Wonderful World of AI, and focus on that path. It’ll help cut down the overwhelm for sure.


Hats off to this enigmatic fellow – he makes a solid point. Have a conversation with ChatGPT. That conversation will help the process flow much more smoothly – and, as a result, your output is better, faster. Brian introduces us to an AI voice extension for ChatGPT, where you can key in a voice prompt into ChatGPT – for many people, elevating your interaction with ChatGPT into a veritable conversation makes prompt engineering so much easier. Heck, people ask ChatGPT for advice on business – and in dating, fashion, self-care, and so much more – that the platform is becoming a sounding board for many! Why not take this up a notch and talk to ChatGPT? Perhaps it’ll be easier to gain mastery of prompt engineering when you can converse!



Our lovely friend Ritu Java recognizes the popularity of ChatGPT – who doesn’t – but she has a clue for you. Bing’s AI is incredible. She should know; she’s on a mission to create a wide array of AI tools for herself, and she’ll share all about the thought process that brought these tools to life. A self-confessed “early adopter,” Ritu’s a world of knowledge. “There’s something about Bing AI,” she confesses. “It gives you access to the Internet.” You can even chat with Bing AI – which, Ritu assures us, heralds a fascinating and knowledge-filled experience!




Marc Gawith smiles: “We’re not gonna be replaced by AI.” This thought is comforting, to say the least; the fact that it comes from Marc, who joins us from the cutting-edge and amazingly clever platform Pictory, makes it all the more comforting. If anyone’s got insider eyes on the world of AI, it would be this gentleman – so, from his lips to God’s ears. “AI is a tool we have to learn to use,” he reassures us. “We have to learn to take advantage of it.” Many conservatives around the world of AI are terrified that The Terminator will come swinging lasers and take over our homes and offices like some sort of nightmare episode from Black Mirror, but based on Marc’s comforting words, this is just Hollywood sensationalizing things again. You have an AI expert here, who will assure you on the panel of May 25 that human beings still are, and will always be, in control. Doesn’t that give you the freedom and confidence to fully explore the World of AI so much more?

Troy understands ChatGPT. He’s seen first-hand what sort of miracles the platform can produce. A successful e-commerce entrepreneur in his own right, Troy will share how he has used the full breadth of ChatGPT to get scripts for achieving goals, and fun apps and platforms that he has used to scale, sell, get more efficient, and so much more. Here’s a quick nugget you can try now: log on to, which has a user-friendly and fun interface. Gain free access to ChatGPT 4 – yes, free of charge, in case you missed that bit – and if you’re especially keen, Forefront will call upon Ms. Piggy or Jar-Jar Binks to deliver your answers! Talk about making AI fun. After all, if this technology will become an indelible part of our lives, shouldn’t we have fun discovering its many uses?


In the eyes of Neil Twa, there is so much money to be made – and AI is the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. “AI is a shiny new object right now.” Perhaps that’s why so many of us are overwhelmed with the sheer and scope of what AI has to offer – there are many avenues and thoroughfares we can traverse to get to a singular destination, but God knows it will take time. It helps to frame your AI use from the standpoint of an existing business. What are your goals? What’s your purpose? AI creates formidable efficiencies – but it’s important to focus. What’s the time, energy, and money focus of you fulfilling this task? Once you frame your use case in this way, you cut out the faff, and find the straightest line between two destinations – you, in the here and now, and the future that most definitely has you as a star player.


“There’s a skill to getting the output you want,” Max declares. He’s right. In restaurants, the foremost rule is first in first out – AI is similar. What you get out depends greatly on what you put in. How do you interact with AI tools to get your desired outcome? The world of copywriting is an industry that has been disrupted by AI in a massive way. Copywriters world-over quaked in their boots when ChatGPT proved capable at churning out blog articles, annual reports, resumes, and landing pages at the drop of a pin. The skilled copywriters soon realized that they needed to upskill – and became Prompt Engineers – keeping themselves relevant in a changing world. Many other professionals can relate, wouldn’t you say? Prompt mastery is the future. Max is the prophet. Follow his footsteps on May 24; he’ll tell us how AI is used in product image enhancement and product listings.


Anthony Lee needs no introduction – if you follow him on social media, you’ll discover a ton of content that will help you leverage the powers and possibilities of AI. “It’s about to go down!” he chuckles, remembering when ChatGPT came out – and he dove in, head-first. Anthony definitely knows a thing or two – including little-known platforms that can boost businesses in a massive way, with virtually no lead time at all. “Nobody knows this tool exists,” he confides in Amy. He’s talking about – “it’s the coolest tool,” he professes. In his words, if you have half a bicycle wheel, the tool will fill in the other half. Intrigued? We were. And we had inordinate amounts of fun with the tool, indeed. Anthony was right – and you’ll discover on May 24 that he’s right about so much more, including customer interactions, customer support and communication, and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We’re strangely comforted and in a state of eager anticipation all at the same time. And imagine, that’s just ten of your illustrious speakers and panelists. We’ve got more coming your way, which means more insights into the tools you need, the hacks that matter, the tips that move the needle, and the philosophies to guide you. Find more of the speakers, and the full schedule of the talks, at – the summit is around the corner, and, therefore, so too is your future.

See you there. AI moves fast; so should you.

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