Help! How do I remove Subscribe & Save options from the buy box?

Recently, I noticed one of my products had a subscribe and save offer featured inside of the buy box on Amazon. This is a pet product that people buy and use for years, so I really wanted it removed from Subscribe and Save because I knew this could be impacting my sales and my returns! Plus, there was no discount offered to the buyer if they subscribed, so something was wrong in the way this was set up. I got to work figuring out how I was enrolled and what I could do to remove this product from the program.

Whenever I have a question in seller central, I simply type my subject into the search bar on Amazon Seller Central.Amazon subscribe and save

You can see the options that come up for me to select. I select subscribe and save and see more options in the associated help window. subscribe and save dashboard adding or removing products from the program

The blog that follows is a helpful summary of this information, but feel free to use this technique to get all of the information on subscribe and save within the seller central dashboard.

Understanding Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” Program

Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program offers a convenient way for customers to set up regular, scheduled deliveries of frequently used products. As a seller on Amazon, participation in this program can provide your customers with attractive discounts, funded partly by you, to encourage repeat purchases. The more items a customer subscribes to, the higher the discount they receive on all items in their subscription delivery. When you enroll in the “Subscribe & Save” program, you agree to abide by the program’s rules and conditions.

“Subscribe & Save” is not only available to individual Amazon customers but also to Amazon Business customers, who can benefit from the same scheduled, recurring deliveries and receive a standard 5% discount on their orders, irrespective of the product category or the number of subscriptions.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be a part of the “Subscribe & Save” program, you need to be a Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) seller in good standing. Starting December 18, 2019, the addition of new products to the program has been limited to brand owners. Any product that was enrolled before this date remains eligible.

Amazon determines product eligibility based on factors like Fulfillment history and in-stock rate, Sales performance, Product category, and Average selling price.

Seller Funding Requirement:

You can opt for one of the three base funding levels: 0%, 5%, or 10%. Customers who have five or more subscriptions delivered get to unlock the tiered status, and for a limited period, Amazon funds an additional 5% discount. You can manage your funding options and update them on the Manage Products page.

Base Discounts and Tiered Status:

Here’s how the discounts work for subscriptions created after November 5, 2019. When customers have five or more subscriptions delivered, they unlock tiered status, translating to additional savings.

  • Seller funded at 0%: Customers with less than five subscriptions delivered on the same date receive no discount. When the number of subscriptions is five or more, they receive a 5% discount funded by Amazon (for a limited period).
  • Seller funded at 5%: Customers with less than five subscriptions delivered on the same date receive a 5% discount. When the number of subscriptions is five or more, they get a 5% discount (funded by you), along with an extra 5% discount (funded by Amazon temporarily), summing up to total savings of 10%.
  • Seller funded at 10%: Customers with less than five subscriptions delivered on the same date receive a 10% discount. When the number of subscriptions is five or more, they get a 10% discount (funded by you), along with an extra 5% discount (funded by Amazon temporarily), summing up to total savings of 15%.

Types of “Subscribe & Save” Orders:

There are two types of orders within this program:

  1. Sign-up orders: These are the initial orders placed by customers when they subscribe to a product via the “Subscribe & Save” program. To have your “Subscribe & Save” offer displayed for a product, your offer needs to be the Featured offer.
  2. Replenishment orders: These orders are automatically generated as per the delivery frequency set by the customer, which can range from one to six months.

You can view your “Subscribe & Save” orders in the Transaction View of the Payments report page.

Seller Performance Metrics:

To maintain a positive customer experience on Amazon, the performance of sellers is continuously reviewed. Factors considered include your ability to maintain sufficient inventory to meet customer demand, customer feedback, and order cancellations in the “Subscribe & Save” program. Your performance metrics can influence your ability to participate in the program.

You can access your performance dashboard and review the following metrics for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly timeframes by visiting the “Subscribe & Save Manage products” section:

  • Shipped units: The number of units for shipped subscription orders over a given time period.
  • Shipped revenue: The total of your revenue from shipped subscription orders over a given time period.
  • Subscriptions count: The total number of active subscriptions at the end of a given time period.
  • Not delivered due to Out of Stock (OOS): The percentage of your units that were not delivered because the ASINs were out of stock.
  • Average revenue per customer: A comparison of your average revenue from subscribers versus non-subscribers.
  • Planned revenue: The total of your revenue from orders expected to ship for your active subscriptions in the upcoming 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Planned units: The number of units for orders expected to ship for your active subscriptions in the upcoming 30, 60, or 90 days.subscribe and save performance dashboard

Managing Your Subscribe & Save Products

You can access your Subscribe & Save dashboard to view and manage your subscriptions, set discount funding, track enrollment preferences, and monitor your inventory. To access your dashboard, visit the following link: Amazon Subscribe & Save Dashboard. This is a vital tool for efficiently managing your Amazon Subscribe & Save program.

The “Manage products” page is the control center for your Subscribe & Save products. This is where you can view your subscribed products, set your discount-funding and automatic-enrollment preferences, track all subscriptions for enrolled products, and manage your inventory levels.

Product Enrollment

Since December 2019, products from eligible FBA sellers have been auto-enrolled in the Subscribe & Save program. During a limited time, eligible and replenishable products are auto-enrolled with a 0% base discount, at no extra cost to you. Amazon will contribute an extra 5% tiered discount when customers receive five or more items in a single delivery.

To enroll new products that haven’t been auto-enrolled, you can email To opt into automatic enrollment, navigate to the Manage products page.add or remove products from amazon subscribe and save program

Transfer of Subscription Requests

Starting October 2022, if an FBA Subscribe & Save offer is unavailable (such as when out of stock) for over 14 days, Amazon will automatically shift associated subscriptions to an identical and available FBA Subscribe & Save offer from the same seller. This policy affects sellers who have opted into the Subscribe & Save auto-enrollment and applies only to ASINs with a single available Subscribe & Save eligible offer.

To request a subscription transfer for a Subscribe & Save offer requiring a new SKU, you can contact your Amazon account manager.

Forecasting and Performance Reporting

The forecasting report helps you estimate the number of units required to fulfill subscriptions for any Subscribe & Save offer up to eight weeks in advance. The performance report allows you to view critical information like the number of items shipped under the program and the percentage of orders missed due to insufficient inventory.

You can find more detailed information about this topic by visiting Amazon’s official help page.

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