Sourcing Now – How to Source and What to Source for E-Commerce NOW!!

In this Seller Round Table Extra session I’m joined by experts in sourcing from China, sourcing from India, and sourcing from the US. Our discussion answers the following questions:

  • What are people sourcing now and from where?
  • Are there new importing or shipping constraints during COVID-19?
  • What kinds of things will be on the increase to source and what will decrease?
  • What are the sourcing trends?
  • What is selling right now?
  • What can you do to source for stimulus and recession?

Are you feeling frozen with doubt about what to source? Would you like to know what other people are doing? Learn from experts on Importing and Sourcing from China, India, Wholesale and Retail in the US, etc in this awesome Seller Round Table Podcast Extra session!

Links Mentioned in this session:

Norman wants to release a free press release for your company or a company you know about that is doing something related to COVID-19 – reach out at

Amy’s Facebook group where we talk all things sourcing, product development, marketing, and private label is to learn about sourcing wholesale in the US from Dillon

Baptiste Porzier at seller supreme Facebook group

Join Baptiste and Amy on a China Sourcing Trip at

Learn how to research, validate and source your products by taking our free private label course at or in the Amazing at Home mastermind at

Toni Ivey for Sourcing from the US wholesale for learning to source from India with Meghla! Join Facebook group Sourcing from India for getting a shipping quote from Refael for learning more about sourcing from China and getting help with sourcing agents

As always, join us at for amazing Amazon tips and tricks on our podcast!

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