Mini Course: Supplier Communication & Ordering like a Pro

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Product Specifications: Why should you care about it?

It’s all too common for a Chinese supplier to miss the mark on a product sample / build process. After all, there are SO many elements to building a new product. This also applies to taking an existing product and just enhancing it. What about all the tech specs on materials, prints, ink, branding, tags, labels, barcodes case pack quantities, master cartons, child cartons and packaging? In fact, even if we take an existing product, make no changes and simply white label it, there is so much involved in branding, labeling, packaging, etc. This all needs to be communicated clearly so that perhaps you don’t get stuck re-applying the correct 2000 barcodes to each product in your garage on your own…

Perhaps you have something more complicated like a brand new idea or even a full blown new patentable invention? This seems to be a whole new challenge in itself. There is so much to do! Assuming the product is validated (essential first step) we then need to work on clearly communicating the idea to others. A product specification document is the answer.

What if my supplier steals my idea?

If you have a new idea, unique product enhancement for an existing product or even a full blown invention, you may be VERY apprehensive to share this with a supplier. It’s a justifiable paranoia. Chinese suppliers have a tack record of ripping of competitors and stealing ideas. Once you send off your document which details your new idea or invention, it could be rather easy for the supplier to turn around and share this and / or sell the new product to their existing clients. As it turns out, there are PROVEN ways to protect against this. We’ve developed a class for this reason and we’re going to talk about what agreements are needed, why they are needed, and how this plays into the overall process of placing your first order for your unique / new / enhanced product.

What could go wrong?

Placing your orders can really make a break a product. If the specifications are not clear, samples are not agreed upon or materials are not clear, your supplier may take it upon themselves to fill in the blanks themselves. This is common in Chinese culture. Your supplier contact grew up on the opposite side of the world and their way of thinking is usually completely foreign to us. One of those ways of thinking is cut throat efficiency and frugality. If you don’t specify the material, they may swap out the material for a cheaper alternative to save 4 cents per build. (perhaps without you noticing) It’s respected in their culture to make more profit on the westerner using tactics like this. Their fellow factory owners will congratulate them. Let’s just hope that new material doesn’t smell like a ammonia. Moreover, let’s hope your customers don’t notice and take it out on your reviews.

We’re here to help! With well crafted specification documents, legit manufacturing agreements in place and other legal agreements, you can place your first order with confidence!

In this mini-course we’ll cover:

  • How to effectively communicate:

    • product branding, packaging, labels, hang tags

    • enhancements to existing products

    • a new product idea

    • an entirely new invention

  • How to write a specification document for a product before placing your order

  • Problems with your supplier? Found a better price? We’ll go over how to effectively transfer a product from one supplier to another

  • Other uses for spec documents that will dramatically improve quality

  • Recommended legal agreements with your supplier before communicating product details & ordering

  • How to tie it all together and place your first order

Join the Mini Course: Supplier Communication & Ordering like a Pro today!

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