I have taken a lot of training and coaching over the years. However, Amy Wees has proven to be one of my favorites. First, she is personable and easy to talk with. Second, she has walked the journey of building a business herself, so she understands it from the start to finish. Third, she is an excellent communicator; she is able to clearly teach what she knows so that I can grasp the concepts and understand how to apply them to my own business. Fourth, Amy is “free” with her information; once you sign up as her student, she doesn’t hold back information you need, but is willing to share strategies, insights, and info that many coaches will not tell you. And finally (but not least), Amy is excited about our success. She genuinely cares about your business and works to make you successful. I highly recommend Amy as a Amazon and Business Coach/Consultant. I would have come to her years ago if I had known she was offering her services!

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