Hey everyone, Welcome to my first segment for Product Launching on Amazon, which will be our focus for this month. Watch the above video and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest updates and content.

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I often get asked, “what is the best way to launch on Amazon, attain the highest rankings and have immediate sales conversions?”

Well, stick around to find out.

Today, I am going to introduce you to the three phases of our highly effective launch process. These three phases set your product up for maximum success when it comes to sales and conversions. If you stick around to the end, I am going to tell you the critical mistake many people make that ends up costing them more money in the long run and could actually lead to a failed product launch.

Ok, Let’s get into it… Here are the three phases of our product launch strategy:

  • Phase 1: Page visits and reviews
  • Phase 2: Traffic and conversions
  • Phase 3: Ongoing sales and profitability

During phase 1, you want your listing to index for the most important keywords so that it’s relevant to the search engine. This will help your PPC advertising show up higher in placement in search results for maximum sales conversions during phase two. You also want to get reviews on your products during this phase for that social proof. And again, those maximum conversions on down the line of your launch.

Moving on to phase 2, which deals with traffic conversions. This is where you want to send lots of traffic to your listing and start matching the sales of your closest competitors to tell the Amazon algorithm that your product deserves to be on page one. This will start the snowball effect of helping your product rank for more searches and getting more organic sales across the board.

And last but not least, phase 3, here you will have met your initial daily sales goals and you’ll be actually aiming for profit. Finally profits. Yes. Phase Three is my favorite too. However, phase 1 and phase 2 are so so critical.

Do you have questions about how to execute each phase? Great, that’s what we’re going to be talking about all month long.

Now, do you remember that critical question I talked about at the beginning of this article? That thing that people do that might destroy the whole product launch? The critical thing is making sure that you’re following these phases in this order. There’s a reason that we have phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3, and you really want to follow them in order. The reason it’s so important is that if you start traffic before your listing indexes for the right keywords, you’re going to end up paying for a bunch of clicks that don’t convert because your auto campaign is going to be shown for searches that are irrelevant to your target audience.

In order for your listing to be relevant for those keywords that you want it to be shown for it has to be indexed. So you really want to get that indexing to develop first. If you start driving a bunch of traffic before you have reviews, your campaigns are going to be filled with bad data due to the lack of conversions, and it’s going to cost you more in the long run. Finally, if you aim for profitability before ranking your product with the right advertising strategy, you’ll end up spending more money trying to revive your sales in the long run. It’s a lot harder when you have that bad campaign data and you have to start completely over and getting new data. Therefore, these phrases are crucial in completing each phase’s goals and milestones before moving on to the next.

That’s it from me today, and thanks for reading.

Tune in next week. As I get into phase one of launching. We’re going to do a deep dive. So if you have a question or something to add, leave me a comment below. And don’t forget to join the discussion in our Facebook group amazing at home. Hope to see you there. Thanks, everyone.

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