The Canton Fair Experience

Join us for the Ultimate Canton Fair Experience Private Label Course and China Sourcing Trip:

Sourcing a Winner!

If you’ve been hanging out on Facebook with Amazing at Home, you know we’re not just talk. We give you amazing value everyday with our tips and training.

Get ready because we are combining all of the struggles E-commerce sellers have into one incredible hands-on course that starts with online training sessions and ends in person at the Canton Fair in China!

It’s not just talk. We are putting our money where our mouth is. Come with us to China and participate in over 40 hours of instruction BEFORE even going to the fair. Then you’ll be joining us at the fair for even more hands on learning. It’s the experience of a lifetime.

We will actually identify a product, validate customer demand, choose a supplier, attend the Canton Fair, visit the factory, negotiate a real deal, arrange packaging, and start our first order. All with YOU at our side.

Highlights of our Course:

  • Choose a Business Model: Will you sell a commodity product or a unique product?
  • What does it take to put $10,000 in your pocket every month?
    • Profit versus Sales
    • The Elusive 7X Multiplier.  Why you should choose products which sell for at least 7 times more than your manufacturing cost
  • How to identify hidden products with little to no competition – without choosing saturated products from Jungle Scout and similar tools.
  • The world beyond Amazon. How, and why to get into selling to retailers.
  • Trading companies versus factories. The advantages of both.
  • Packaging. Thinking ‘inside’ the box.
  • Culture shock.  What to expect in China. Eating, Sleeping, Getting around.
  • Visiting a Factory
  • Negotiating prices and terms
  • Navigating the Canton Fair
  • Talking with Suppliers
  • Q&A with a Sourcing Agent
  • Q&A with a Shipping Firm
  • Q&A with an Inspection Company

AFTER THE FAIR: You’ll be connected in a private mastermind group for a LIFETIME of support to ensure your continued success!


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