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Product Discoverability: Leveraging TikTok's Unique Algorithm

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Mastery Course

Embark on an exciting journey to conquer the digital marketplace with our 8-Week TikTok Shop Training Program.

Why Join Our Training?

Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned TikTok Shop partners with in-depth knowledge and real-world experience.

Community Access: Connect with a network of like-minded sellers and receive ongoing support.
Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on techniques and strategies tailored for immediate application and success.

What you’ll learn from us

Course Highlights

From setting up your shop to making your first sale, our curriculum
covers every essential aspect of selling on TikTok

1. Shop & Creator Account Setup

Dive into the fundamentals of TikTok Shop, setting up your shop, and understanding crucial analytics.

2. Product Mastery

Learn the art of product selection, listing, and compliance with TikTok’s policies.

3. TikTok Shop TOS

Navigate through the terms of service, ensuring your brand and products align with TikTok’s guidelines.

4. Order Fulfillment

Explore efficient fulfillment strategies, from shipping options to handling returns.

5. Affiliate Program Mastery

Harness the power of TikTok’s affiliate program to expand your reach and sales.

6. Content Creation

Create compelling content that resonates with your audience and boosts engagement.

7. Marketing Strategies

Leverage TikTok ads and campaigns for higher visibility and sales.

8. Finalizing Success

Understand the settlement process and learn best practices for consistent sales growth.

Master TikTok
Shop in 8 Weeks / Lessons

Discover the details of our in-depth curriculum covering every aspect of building your TikTok Shop

Week 1: Shop & Creator Account Setup: Laying the Foundation - Kickstart Your TikTok Shop Journey
  • Understanding Documentation
  • Setting Up Shipping Options and Templates.
  • Integrate bank Account & Provide Tax Information
  • Understand Shop Settings 
  • Learn Tiktok Shop & Creator Account Linkage 
  • Understand Official & Marketing Accounts
  • Add your brand/trademark on Tiktok
  • Understand TikTok Shop Probation Period
Week 2: Product Mastery: From Hunting to Listing - Discover and Showcase Winning Products
  • Identify Best-Selling Categories and Products.
  • Product Listing Pitfalls/Troubleshooting
  • Use Product Optimizer, Media Centre Managing Stock.
  • Configuring Product Certifications 
  • Learn TikTok Shop Listing Guidelines
  • Understand Restricted/Prohibited Products
Week 3: Navigating TikTok Shop TOS: Legalities and Compliance - Stay Informed, Stay Compliant
  • Learn Tiktok Shop Policies in Depth
  • Tiktok Health & Experience Overview 
  • Understand TikTok Penalties 
  • Troubleshooting – Get TikTok Help/Create Tickets
Week 4: Order Fulfillment: Efficiency and Excellence - Streamline Your Shipping and Handling
  • Explore TikTok and Seller Shipping Methods.
  • Master Filters, Bulk orders and Manage Returns.
  • Learn to Integrate Amazon, Shopify, 3PL Softwares
  • Best Practices for Seamless Order Fulfillment
Week 5: Affiliate Program: Amplify Your Reach - Expand Your Network, Boost Your Sales
  • Learn to Navigate to Affiliate Center 
  • Create Affiliate Plans for your Shop
  • Finding and Evaluating TikTok Creators – Best Practices 
  • Explore all Avenues for Affiliate Collaboration other than Affiliate Centre
  • Handling Sample Requests – Best Practices
  • Intro to Affiliate Partner Campaign
  • Navigate & Understand Creator Analytics
  • Best Practices to build good relations with Creators
Week 6: Content Creation: Crafting Viral Videos - Engage, Entertain, Sell
  • Add Link to your Tiktok Videos
  • Understanding TikTok Algorithms.
  • Learn replicable strategies from Video Case Studies 
  • Tiktok Content Creation Tool
  • Find & Use best performing sounds & hashtags.
  • Use AI to generate Content, do Video Edits & Voice overs 
  • Learn to find & edit videos for Wholesale Products
  • Best Practices to get more views
  • Live Video Dashboard Complete Overview & Best Practices 
  • Content Policies
Week 7: Marketing Magic: Ads and Campaigns - Elevate Your Brand with Right Advertising
  • Understand Tiktok Shop Promotions (Discounts, Flash Deals & Coupons).
  • Learn Tiktok Ads Basics 
  • Ads Campaign Setup & Best Practices 
  • Understand Audience Segmentation & Retargeting 
  • Learn to Run Ads on Affiliate Videos 
  • Learn to Navigate & Enrol Products in Tiktok Shop Campaigns
Week 8: Finalizing Success: Sales and Settlements - Celebrate and Capitalize on Your Success
  • First Sale Strategies: Tips and Best Practices.
  • Customer Retention Best Practices 
  • Buyer Message Dashboard Overview
  • Overview to Analytics Dashboard
  • Understanding TikTok’s Settlement Process.
  • Learn to Kickstart your business as a Brand, Distributor, Individual Seller
  • Learn Replicable Strategies from Successful Shops

Benefits in Joining

What You Gain with Our TikTok Shop Training

Expert Guidance: Learn from Industry Leaders

Community Support: Connect with other sellers in our private community

Step-by-Step Onboarding: Ensuring a Smooth Start

Comprehensive Content: Everything you need to get started selling

TikTok Shop
Mastery Course

Embark on an exciting journey to conquer the digital marketplace with our 8 Lesson TikTok Shop Training Program with more than 16 hours of training. Designed for both aspiring and established e-commerce entrepreneurs, this course is your first step in mastering one of the fastest-growing online retail platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions


All your queries answered…

What's the difference b/w Tiktok Shop & Tiktok Creator Account?

Tiktok shop is just like an Amazon seller centre but has additional features like Affiliate Dashboard, Live Dashboard and much more.
Tiktok Creator account is a normal Tiktok which we use to watch videos and place orders on.

Tiktok Shop and Tiktok creator accounts are linked for product sync.

Does my creator account need followers to make sales?
No, you don’t need any followers.
How do I evaluate creators?
Analyse followers, average views, audience demographics and revenue generated in the last 30 days.
How much commission will I have to pay per product?
It Depends on the product price and margins. Generally, 10% – 30% is good.
Can I offer more commission to creators that do well?
Yes, you can!
Can I send free samples to creators?
How can I track free samples I sent to creators?
You can track within the Affiliate Dashboard.
What if creators don't post videos?
Creators have 7 days to post a video and if they don’t Tik Tok penalise them.
How will I pay commissions to creators?
Tiktok will automatically deduct from sales and pay to creators.
Can I track creator sales individually?
Yes, you can through creators analytics.
Can I fulfil orders through MCF?
Can I ship orders from China?
No, Tiktok has 3 days handling & shipping time.
Can I integrate 3rd party shipping software with Tik Tok Shop?
Yes, you can!
Can I link my shopify store with Tiktok?
Yes, you can and you can also import shopify products to Tiktok.
What's the Tiktok Shop settlement time period?
For new stores, it’s Delivery + 8 Days but if you maintain good store health you can have Express Settlement which is
Delivery + 1 Day.
Can a non-US resident sign-up for Tik Tok Shop USA?
Yes, you need ITIN, company, USA bank and a physical address.
How long will the weekly training be?
8 Weeks
Will I get recordings of weekly sessions?
How can I get support?

You can post in our Facebook & Whatsapp Group.

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