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Prepare to witness a notable boost in your TikTok store’s sales. Our team is here to help you swiftly set up, operate, and expand your store. Take advantage of this opportunity! Success in the TikTok Shop space frequently depends on adopting a creative and captivating approach. 

We’ll work closely with you to grasp the interests of your audience and pinpoint influencers who resonate well with your brand, enhancing product promotion and increasing earnings.

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Why TikTok Shop For Brands?

TikTok Shop inspires shoppers through entertainment, and guides them to discover brands and products they want to see most. Complete In-App Experience. Shop through LIVEs, engaging in-feed videos, or by tapping the shop icon on a brand or creator profile, and checkout directly within TikTok.


58.2% of TikTok users said they used the platform for shopping inspiration.

39.1% Tiktok users actively look for products to shop in my feeds, stores, etc.

48% use Tiktok for information gathering on product purchases.

45% of Tiktok users shop based on paid influencer recommendations.

55% of TikTok users had actually made a purchase after seeing a brand or product on the platform

Shopping Made Easy!

Live shopping

Shop directly from a LIVE by tapping the pinned products or browsing the shopping basket icon

Shoppable Videos

Shop directly from a shoppable in-feed video by tapping the product link & basket icon

Product Showcase

Shop directly from a brand or creator account and get access to products within the app

Shop Tab

Let users find your product assortment, shoppable content, and promotion campaigns all in one place

 Scale your business to new heights!

Our CORE Services

Sign-up Help:

  • Assistance with the initial registration process, ensuring a smooth and correct setup of your TikTok Shop account.

General Account Settings:

  • Configuration of your account’s basic settings to align with your brand’s identity and operational preferences.

Creator Account Management:

  • Strategic management of your creator account, optimising it for maximum reach and engagement.

Account Linkage Help:

  • Assistance in linking your TikTok shop with your official account for enhanced visibility.

Content Strategies:

  • Providing tailored content strategies that leverage TikTok’s dynamic platform to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement through creative and impactful storytelling.

Video Editing, Content Repurposing & Posting:

  • Video editing & repurposing of existing content, and scheduling posts for optimal engagement.

Managing Engagement:

  • Active engagement with your audience through comments, messages, and interactions to build a loyal community.

Health Monitoring:

  • Regular checks on your creator account’s health, ensuring compliance with TikTok’s policies and maintaining good standing.

Product & Competitor Data Analysis:

  • In-depth analysis of your products and comparison with competitors to identify opportunities for growth on TikTok.

Catalog Management:

  • Efficient management of your product catalog to ensure it’s up-to-date, accurate, and appealing.

Listing Optimization:

  • Enhancement of your product listings to improve visibility, attractiveness, and conversion rates.

Promotions Management:

  • Planning and execution of promotions to drive sales and increase product visibility.

TikTok Sale Campaigns Management:

  • Management of sales campaigns on TikTok, timely enrollment for maximum impact.

Shop Page Management:

  • Ongoing management of your TikTok shop page to ensure it remains engaging, organized, and brand-aligned.

TikTok Shop Ads:

  • Leveraging TikTok’s advertising platform to target/re-target, potential customers and drive traffic to your shop.

Order Fulfilment Management:

  • Overseeing the entire order fulfilment process to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Shipping Labels/Manifest Management:

  • Handling the creation and management of shipping labels/Manifest to streamline your shipping process.

3PL Coordination:

  • Coordination with third-party logistics providers to ensure smooth operations and logistics.

MCF/Shopify Integration Assistance:

  • Assistance with integrating multi-channel fulfilment services and Shopify for seamless operations.

Customer Support:

  • Providing exceptional customer support to address inquiries, resolve issues, and enhance the shopping experience.

Affiliate Dashboard Management:

  • Management of the affiliate dashboard to track performance and collaborate with new affiliates.

Affiliate Campaigns Management:

  • Regular Management of open & targeted plans.

Affiliate Outreach:

  • Active outreach to potential affiliates to expand your network and increase sales through partnerships.

Store Health Monitoring:

  • Regular monitoring of your store’s health to ensure it meets TikTok’s performance standards.

Reviews Management:

  • Managing customer reviews to maintain a positive reputation and address any negative feedback constructively.


  • Handling any appeals related to account issues, policy violations, or other challenges to maintain your account’s standing.

Monthly Reporting:

  • Providing detailed monthly reports on performance metrics, insights, and strategic recommendations for growth.

OUr Simplified 3-step approach


Seamless Onboarding Process


Account Setup & Integrations


Shop Management & Monthly Reporting

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