Managing the supply chain is becoming more and more challenging. Practically every seller experiences difficulties with their product inventory at one point in their seller journey. In this #TipsTuesday blog, check how Sellerplex can make inventory management so much easier.


You have allocated enough stocks for the season. You feel confident and satisfied with how you have filled your online shelves. Then before you know it, here comes a big influx of sales. A sudden unforeseen increase in demand and your shelf is once again at a critical level. What a nightmare!

Inventory management isn’t just about making sure stocks are always at the right level. Challenges also lie in avoiding logistics problems and calculating restock limits accurately. Maneuvering these issues takes up a lot of time that could be better allocated elsewhere.

Managing Amazon inventory is another level of labor. Some entrepreneurs don’t realize how much these problems can affect their profitability. Every time a brand goes out of stock, your ranking gets affected. Regaining that market traction will cost you money – you’re looking forward to yet another round of marketing and SEO campaigns.


“Whether you’re new or you’ve been selling for years, it’s so hard to figure everything out when it comes to supply chain management,”  Ivan Torpolov of Sellerplex said. Ivan has extensive experience in supply chain management. Before his career at Sellerplex, he worked with a big logistics company. They handled various clientele, including Starbucks and Costco. 

Sellerplex is a team of motivated and experienced analysts and e-commerce professionals. They have helped 100+ companies by offering services vital to running a business. Supply chain management, operations, and finances to name a few. 

To learn more about Sellerplex, watch the demonstration given by Ivan and Amy below. 

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