¡Viva México! The country was discovered in 1519 by Spanish conquistadores. Hernán Cortés stumbled into Tenochtitlán quite by accident, where he was greeted by the powerful and formidable Emperor Montezuma II. History gets blurry here – Spain and Mexico have their own versions of events leading up to Mexico’s colonization in August 1521. It’s a colorful start – and beautifully represented in this colorful country with a delightful, colorful people. So it stands to reason that sourcing products from Mexico is just as colorful of an experience. Thanks to Amazon industry leaders Amy Wees and Tim Jordan, it most definitely is – by way of The Mexico Trip and EvoLatam – two fun, fantastic, and knowledge-filled events curated specially for the needs of e-Commerce entrepreneurs.

The first ever product sourcing trip was held last February in Mexico City and Cancun – to resounding success. The second one is coming up pretty quick!

Check out this fun reel to get a quick glimpse of the immense fun that was had:

What is the Big Deal About Product Sourcing in Mexico?

If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that the time is ripe to diversify product sourcing from China. The time is now – find artisanal and unique products from Mexico’s robust manufacturing industry. The country is well recognized for the beauty of its leatherwork, textiles, pottery, and more.

China’s manufacturing industry is mature; suppliers are used to dealing with eCommerce entrepreneurs. LatAm suppliers aren’t nearly as sophisticated – a phenomenon that’s both a plus and a minus. On one hand, there’s so much room to grow. ECom entrepreneurs that jump on the product sourcing bandwagon now will be integral to the growth of Mexican manufacturing. On the other hand, many mistakes will be made. That’s par for the course. It’s not like you can screenshot a product on Alibaba and send it to the supplier for prototyping. There will be some handholding involved. And that’s entirely okay – because the people deserve it, and the products really are just that beautiful.

That’s precisely why Amy and Tim put up The Mexico Trip – and why they stand behind it 100%, pouring their energy, blood, sweat, and tears into the product sourcing trip. It’s got so much potential, and it has such a positive impact on the communities that it visits. Sellers get to meet likeminded individuals, learn from thought leaders and experts on how to maneuver the infant product sourcing industry, and have an immense amount of fun.

The 2nd Mexico Trip is going to be bigger and better than the first. This time, we head to Monterrey – one of Mexico’s biggest urban agglomerations. It’s a hubbub of manufacturing in Mexico. Our team is on the ground curating one amazing conference filled with networking, knowledge, experiences, and fun.

What is EvoLatam?

If The Mexico Trip will teach you how to source, EvoLatam will give you the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned. Amy and Tim created EvoLatam specifically for eCom entrepreneurs. It’s the first-ever trade show of its kind. You’ll get a 2-day trade show filled chock-a-block with Mexican manufacturers, brands, sourcing agents, and more. Cap it off with a networking event, where you’ll get the chance to develop relationships with these suppliers, and see about creating a fruitful business relationship.

EvoLatam 2023 will take place at Cintermex Monterrey. Get ready to walk the aisles. Keep your eyes peeled and your shoes polished – it’ll be a feast for the senses.

How Can I Find Out More?

Head on over to themexicotrip.com and evolatam.com – but here are some additional resources for you:

  • https://www.amazingathome.com/be-a-pioneer/
  • https://www.amazingathome.com/mexico-and-china/
  • https://www.amazingathome.com/faqs-the-mexico-trip/

What Do You Say?

Shall we see you there? ¡Nos vemos muy pronto!

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