As an Amazon seller, you must be aware that selling on Amazon involves so many considerations that are worlds apart from selling in a brick-and-mortar shop. E-Commerce is non-traditional – it’s not like you can be physically present in your store to count every customer who enters and leaves with a purchase.

Metrics exist for this reason. Reading and understanding your metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) on Amazon will help you monitor your business, discover your strengths, pinpoint your weaknesses, and make necessary changes to improve. Sessions, conversions, average reviews – these are just a few of the most important metrics you need to monitor closely as an Amazon seller. Sadly, Amazon won’t exactly give sellers the easiest access to all these numbers.

Luckily, there are 3rd party tools – ManageByStats is an online tool that shows you all your Amazon metrics in just one dashboard so you can know exactly where you’re at in your business – are you making money, are you losing money, and are there any issues that you have to address pronto? The coolest thing about ManageByStats is that it was configured by an Amazon seller himself – someone who got tired of all the guesswork and finally took matters into his own hands. Now you are given that same power over your data so you can take control and make decisions that you’re confident are the right steps to take.

ManageByStats makes what used to be overwhelming data now so easy to understand, even for sellers who aren’t so savvy with numbers and graphs. And because they recognize that not all Amazon businesses are the same, you can even customize your own dashboard and choose to monitor only the metrics that are most important specifically to you.

Amy chats with Danan Coleman and Marc Jepsen of ManageByStats to talk about the amazing features of this super helpful tool. Watch the video below for a quick demo:


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