Trusted Service Providers


Trusted Service Provider

Service Providers, please fill out this form to provide information on your affiliate or discount offers. We will use it to build a page for your service on our website.
  • name of the business providing offer
  • Best email to contact you with questions or follow up
  • For Example PPC Ninja - Amazon PPC Management Software (this will become the title of your service provider page)
  • What is your service? What is the unique offer for the Amazing at Home Audience to claim?
  • Upload a JPEG image 1080x1080 px. This could just be your logo or it could include your offer. For example, "30% off all subscription plans"
  • Not required, if submitted, please submit in format of phrase, phrase,... for example PPC Software, PPC management, Amazon PPC,
  • For example, visit our website with the included link, choose the PPC Basic Plan and use code AMAZING at checkout. or Send an email to [email protected] with subject line AMAZING AT HOME REFERRAL
  • Provide the coupon code to claim the offer or the information to sign up for an affiliate account (skip if we are already signed up as an affiliate for your program)
  • This field is for the affiliate link to your website. If this is a discount only offer, please provide your website link.
  • Please provide anything else we might need to know to build your offer page here

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