In Seller Round Table Session 3 we talk about the basics of mastering Amazon PPC advertising. We cover the latest in advertising options including the new dynamic bids as well as product targeting and how to create and manage these campaigns.

We talk about the PPC bidding process and how to get your product at the top of page one for a specific keyword. We also cover how to make the most of your PPC including creating an optimized listing, pricing your products, and what to do when your clicks don’t lead to sales and your ACOS is skyrocketing!

What are the key terms to understand including Spend, ACOS, Sales, and Impressions?

Also, what are the different match types for keywords and how should you use them in manual and automatic campaigns? Keep your bids low for broad match because it fires on EVERYTHING! For example a broad match for water bottle will also show your ad for baby bottle, or any word with bottle in it.

We talk about negative keywords and the match types to use for those. We also cover how to use long tail keywords to your advantage to rank and easily convert buyers.

How do you optimize your PPC campaigns to ensure that you convert more customers and lower your ACOS? Also, are there certain keywords that are too competitive that you shouldn’t even bother with?

How should you use PPC during your launch? Should you go into the negative when advertising in order to rank your product? We explain the different options and why each is important.

We talk about the importance of understanding your customers intent to buy before creating your PPC campaigns and bid amounts and of course when optimizing these campaigns. We also cover how to validate the placement of your ads by actually searching for them on Amazon. If your ad is at the top of the page for a specific keyword, you may get more sales than a low bid which shows your ad buried inside of a competitors listing.

There are some great tools you can use to create and optimize campaigns such as rainmaker PPC optimization tool or PPC dominator to create huge campaigns with 1000 keywords in a few minutes. The pandora tool in SellerSEO allows you to scrape keywords that competitors are using in their campaigns. A free keyword tools is the Chrome browser extension created by Seller SEO at this tool allows you to find tons of relevant keywords and also view the ASINs using those keywords and competition for each.

During the extra innings at the end of the video we answer questions about product categorization and what to do in specific circumstances with PPC as well as ninja tricks we’ve learned

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