Are negative reviews affecting your Amazon business? Greg Reynolds, Founder of, recently shared valuable insights on how to erase negative reviews and master the art of customer satisfaction. In this exclusive Amazing at Home session, Reynolds dives deep into strategies for handling low-star reviews and turning potential setbacks into opportunities for growth. Watch the Masterclass Session:

Understanding the Business Journey

Reynolds begins by reflecting on his own journey, highlighting how a simple decision catapulted his business into success within a matter of months. He emphasizes the importance of resolving or preventing low-star reviews to safeguard your business reputation.

Creating a Comprehensive Order Log

Reynolds provides a step-by-step guide on creating a comprehensive order log. This log becomes a crucial resource for sellers, helping them keep track of customer interactions, low-star reviews, and resolutions. Whether using brand registry or external tools, maintaining an organized order log is key.

Communication Strategies and Courtesy Refunds

Addressing the challenge of reaching out to customers after a low-star review, Reynolds discusses the use of Amazon’s communication system. He explores the option of sending courtesy refund offers and emphasizes the importance of customer communication for a positive impact on reviews.

Utilizing Product Guides and Documents

One often-overlooked aspect of Amazon listings is product guides and documents. Reynolds unveils the potential of this feature, explaining how sellers can upload 30 documents to enhance their product listings. This strategic move can address customer concerns, improving overall satisfaction and reducing negative feedback.

Tapping into Customer Questions

Greg shares insights on leveraging customer questions to improve product listings. By strategically incorporating FAQs into product guides, sellers can proactively address potential issues, reducing returns and negative reviews.

Navigating Review Removal Challenges

Acknowledging the challenges of removing existing one-star reviews, Reynolds suggests services that navigate Amazon’s terms of service for review appeals. While there are limitations, he provides practical advice on appealing reviews when eligible.

Streamlining Customer Support

Greg encourages sellers to streamline customer support by utilizing brand analytics and the brand dashboard. This approach allows sellers to address customer issues efficiently, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced negative feedback.

Exclusive Offer for Amazing at Home Readers

As a special offer for Amazing at Home readers, is providing a $100 discount on the first invoice for any services. Visit to claim your discount and elevate your Amazon business.

In this comprehensive masterclass, Greg Reynolds equips sellers with actionable strategies to erase negative reviews and build a resilient business on Amazon. Watch the full session for a deep dive into the world of Amazon reviews and customer satisfaction.

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