Navigating the e-commerce landscape requires a solid grasp of how products are identified and tracked. That’s why our recent Wednesday Wisdom session, led by Amy Wees, brought in Shane Morris and James Nelson from GS1, the barcode standard-setting organization, to give us the lowdown on barcodes, GTINs, and UPCs. If you missed the live event, you can catch up with the full recording here:

GTINs vs. Barcodes vs. UPCs: What’s the Difference?

Shane Morris got straight to the point explaining that GTINs and barcodes are often mixed up. A GTIN is simply the number represented by a barcode. Knowing which one you need depends on your business goals and scale.

Should You Get a Single GTIN or a Prefix for Multiple Barcodes?

For Amazon sellers with big dreams, Shane highlighted the importance of planning for the future. If you see your product range growing, getting a prefix that allows for multiple barcodes is more than a tip—it’s a strategic necessity for easier scaling and meeting GS1 standards.

How to Use the GS1 Dashboard: A Live Demo

Moving from theory to practice, Shane showed us how to use the GS1 Data Hub with a live demo. This step-by-step tutorial is a boon for sellers of all experience levels, helping demystify the barcode creation process.

Essential Advice for Amazon Sellers

James Nelson joined the discussion with tips specifically for Amazon sellers. He stressed the need for accurate product descriptions and smart SKU naming to stay in line with what customers see on Amazon. He also touched on the importance of proper carton labeling to meet GS1 standards, which helps products move smoothly through customs.

Understanding Product Codes and Dimensions on Amazon

The conversation then turned to how the global product classification code can help categorize items. The duo also tackled a common query from Amazon sellers about listing product dimensions, offering useful advice for anyone working in e-commerce.

The Importance of GS1 for Brand Trust and Authenticity

Shane wrapped up by discussing how using GS1’s services goes beyond mere compliance. It’s about establishing your brand’s authenticity and building trust in a marketplace where the authenticity of your barcodes can make or break your success.

Your Takeaway from the GS1 Session

Think of this session not as the end, but as the starting point for mastering product identification in e-commerce. With Amy, Shane, and James as your guides, you’re ready to tackle the complexities that come with selling online. Remember, this isn’t just the conclusion of a webinar—it’s the beginning of a journey toward strategic growth and expanded knowledge.
As you move forward from this session, use what you’ve learned not just as guidance, but as a beacon to navigate the complex world of e-commerce. The path doesn’t end here; it opens up into a world ripe with opportunity.

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