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Quiet Light is an entrepreneur-led organization that assists people with growing, buying, and selling online businesses. Through relentless honesty, a refined process, and a “serve first” approach Quiet Light has built a strong network of like-minded entrepreneurs. Founded in 2007 and built on relationships, the more conversations we have and more people we help, the more our goals and our client’s goals are achieved. We have found this takes real-life experience so we hire only entrepreneurs who have built, bought or sold their own significant online business.

Each of our entrepreneurs-turned-Advisors have real-life experience in the ecommerce, SaaS and content world. Each represents their own listings from beginning to end, and works with the entire team behind the scenes to share and benefit from each other’s experiences.

We would love the chance to talk to you about your goals for your business and offer a free valuation, regardless of your intention to sell.

Connect with the Quiet Light team today to discover the true value of your business. Exit for more money and better terms. Partner with an advisor that has entrepreneurial experience. The best part? No strings attached.

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