Do you really understand your customer?

Perhaps plenty of Amazon sellers would answer YES to this question – but unless you’re a mind reader, no seller can always tell exactly what their customers would think, say, or do.

Actually, your own assumptions about a certain target market tend to be biased towards your brand – not that optimism is wrong – but too much of it has the tendency to cloud your judgment about your own business, and might make you miss certain details that matter if you want to convert more. It’s a classic case of ‘not seeing the forest because you’re too close to the trees’.  

That’s why qualitative research matters. How much, you ask? Well, Fortune 500 companies pay billions of dollars for their qualitative research initiatives every year – this includes focus groups, surveys, interviews, and other ‘small-scale’ research activities.

Not everybody has billions of dollars, but thankfully there are more affordable research tools that you can get access to as an Amazon seller. Today, we’re introducing you to one – ProductPinion.

In our featured video below, Amy chats with Matt and Andri of ProductPinion – an online tool that helps Amazon sellers reach out to their targeted audience; test concepts, images, and copy; and figure out what makes customers convert.

Watch as Matt and Andi demonstrate ProductPinion’s amazing features and show us how it can improve our business exponentially.




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